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    Triple Bonus video poker by 3Dice Casino creates a special payout for both the Royal Flush (750 to 1) and several Four-of-a-Kind combos (up to 240:1). It features 7/5 odds on the rest of the pay table, however; this means a higher house edge on the more common combinations.

    As far as wagering is concerned, minimum bet for the classic game is $.10 and maximum bet is $10.00. Bets are determined by coin size and the number of coins wagered (playing all five coins will increase the pay percentage, due to the jump of the Royal Flush).

    Multi-hand games will also max out at a $10.00 wager per game. You can play from 5 to 50 hands; the more you wager, however, the less total hands you’ll be able to play.
    Minimum bet is $.25 ($.05 x 5 hands).

    Playing Triple Bonus Video Poker.

    Mastering how to play Triple Bonus video poker takes a fair bit of strategy and a great deal of patience and time. Those three-digit numbers in the pay table sure look pretty on the screen, but when it takes a few coins to get there, the novelty starts to wear off.

    Triple Bonus is a Jacks or Better game, which means you need at least a pair of J’s to even make your way onto the Pay Table. Everything else is pretty standard: five cards, one draw, etc.

    The multi-hand game is fairly similar to the single-hand version in terms of how to play and what the pay table will deliver (it is identical to the single-hand, one-coin pay table).

    Regardless of the number of hands played, they are only identified after the draw.

    Triple Bonus Double Up Feature.

    Double Up is only available in the classic game format, and it gives you an opportunity to gamble your recent win with a simple game. If you guess correctly, you can keep on playing. If you fail, you lose your recent win.

    Triple Bonus Pay Table.

    The “Triple” in Triple Bonus video poker comes from the Royal Flush getting 750:1 odds. The “Bonus” in Triple Bonus is because of the special payouts to Four-of-a-Kinds.

    While the higher payout/low percentage hands are handsome (Four Aces gets 240:1), the meat of the game is in the lower payouts/high percentage hands. In the case of Triple Bonus, the meat is pretty lean (7/5 Full House to Flush—a generous table is 10/6) and the house is eating fat.

    This isn’t to say the game should be completely avoided; it just means you should have a good poker strategy in place when playing it.

    The odds are the same for the one-coin, one-hand game and the multi-hand version.

    Play Triple Bonus and nine other bonus video pokers at 3Dice Casino.

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