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    Bonus Deluxe video poker by 3Dice Casino creates a special payout for all Four of a Kinds (80:1) in this Jacks or Better-esque game. You’ll see the same payout for a Royal Flush (250:1) and a Straight Flush (50:1); you’ll also see reduced odds on a Full House (8:1) and a Two Pair (1:1).

    Bonus Deluxe is available in a single-hand game or a multi-hand game format.

    Every game, whether it’s single-hand or multi-hand, begins with the placement of a wager. Stakes begin at $.10 for single-hand play, and go up to a maximum $10.00.

    Multi-hand Bonus Deluxe has wagers starting out at $.25 and capping at $10.00 per game. While you can play up to 50 hands per game, you’ll only be able to be $.20 per hand if you’d like to play that many. Other wagers are available, of course, within those limits.

    Playing Bonus Deluxe Video Poker.

    Over all, playing Bonus Deluxe is no different from any other video poker. Like anything else, you have to get a grasp on its pay table before you can really get into your groove with playing.

    To be an effective, and successful, video poker player, you have to get a strategy otherwise you’re just essentially playing a 5-reel slot game that lets you hold the reels when you want to.

    Bonus Deluxe is a five-card, one draw video poker game that requires you to get a pair of Jacks or Better in order to win. This premise, as well as the pay table, is the same for both the single- and the multi-hand games.

    While you can play video poker anywhere, 3Dice casino makes it very easy to settle in at their virtual casino.

    Several customizable options like sound and speed control, auto-hold, auto-play, and a double-up feature in the Classic Bonus Delux are just a few of the impressive lengths 3Dice has gone to for player retention and overall satisfaction.

    Bonus Deluxe is available exclusively at the exceptional 3Dice Casino.

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