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    Jokers Wild (Two Pair Minimum) Video Poker Highlights

    You’ll need at least a Two-Pair hand to win with this Jokers Wild from 3Dice Casino, but if you make in on the board, you’ll get 750:1 odds on a Royal Flush.

    One joker has been added to the deck to serve as a wild card, and it will only get you so far-luck and skill make great table-mates!

    Jokers Wild (Two Pair) is available in a classic or multi-hand version.

    Maximum bet for both the classic and the multi-hand Jokers Wild is $10.00. Minimum wager in the multi-hand game is $.25 (5 hands at $.05 each); minimum wager in the classic game is $.10.

    Playing Jokers Wild (Two Pair) Video Poker.

    The “entry fee” is steep in this poker game-you’ll need at least a Two Pair combo in the five cards you’ve been dealt or drawn.

    One wild Joker has been thrown in the mix to help, but it can’t help you win the big 750:1 odds on a Royal Flush.

    You play Jokers Wild with five initial cards. Hold the cards you like (or just agree with those help for you by the software) and draw for those you don’t.

    If you don’t have at least Two Pair, you lose your bet.

    Everything about the multi-hand version of Jokers Wild (2 Pair) is fun, smooth, and just plain impressive. I really like the way it each winning hand is colored differently depending on what kind of hand it is.

    I especially love being able to hover over the tiny hands of cards and have a quick zoom view in the middle of the screen. The classic version is classic by definition-it still works and there’s no need to fix it. 

    If you need to walk away for a moment, try the Autoplay option on both the classic and multi-hand versions of Jokers Wild.

    Jokers Wild (Two Pair) Pay Table.

    To note, the Jokers Wild (Two Pair) video poker game features nice round odds:

    • Royal Flush: 750 to 1 odds
    • Five of a Kind: 200 : 1
    • Wild Royal Flush: 50 to 1
    • Any Straight Flush: 50 to 1

    The pay table is the same for the multi-hand game and and the classic game (one-coin).

    In 3Dice Casino, there are two versions of Joker’s Wild on the menu-one is this Two Pair or Better version, and the other one, a Kings or Better version, features a completely different pay table.

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