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    While Tens or Better video poker may seem like an attempt to expand the playing field for video poker enthusiasts, players may not like the 6/5 odds it offers.

    All in all, the 3Dice Jacks or Better video poker game, with its 9/6 payout percentage, would be a more player-friendly option-despite the strategy for play being fairly similar between the two.

    (By 6/5 odds, I mean to say that Tens or Better pays 6:1 for a Full House and 5:1 for a Flush-both fairly house-happy odds).

    You can play a single-hand game or a multi-hand game of Tens or Better at 3Dice Casino. Wagers will start at $.10 for single-hand play, and can go up to $10.00.

    In multi-hand Tens or Better, the minimum wager is $.25 and the maximum total wager is $10.00. You can play from 5 to 50 hands at a time, with the $10.00 max wager capping the number of hands played at certain coin sizes.

    Playing Tens or Better Video Poker.

    The classic, single-hand Tens or Better game looks just like it would in a casino or in a bar next to the bowl of peanuts. What it lacks in luster it makes up for in customization and features.

    Auto-hold, auto-play, a high-card side game of Double-Up where you can try your chance at doubling your win, speed and sound control-you name it, 3Dice has thought of a way to put you in control of it.

    The 3Dice Casino design team did me a great service by making their multi-hand video poker games so easy to play, follow, and understand.

    Multi-hand Tens or Better has a self-multiplying pay table, color-coded winning hands, and a way to effectively tally everything. Multi-hand games are a must if you’re short on time, but high on poker.

    Play Tens or Better (or better yet, play Jacks or Better for better odds) at 3Dice Casino.

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