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    Just like the name implies, Straight Flush Bonus video poker from 3Dice Casino offers a special payout for a Straight Flush-100:1.

    You’ll see that while a Royal Flush keeps the normal 250:1 odds and the lower pay table combos stay within the norm (Two Pairs pay 2:1, a Straight pays 4:1), the payouts on the Full House and Flush are some of the lowest in the 3Dice video poker collection (and they have over 35 video poker games).

    Straight Flush Bonus Video poker can be described as a house-friendly, low payout 7/5 (Full House pays 7:1; Flush pays 5:1).

    Straight Flush is available in both a multi-hand and a single-hand format at 3Dice Casino. Both versions will feature the same basic pay table (with the exception of the 5-coin classic game).

    Coin sizes for the classic game range from $.10 to $2.00. With the ability to play up to 5 coins per line, the maximum bet for each hand (and each game) is $10.00. In multi-hand Straight Flush Bonus

    Multi-hand Straight Flush Bonus creates wagers by multiplying the chosen coin size ($.25 to $2.00) and chosen number of hands. The maximum bet is $10.00, regardless of the coin and hand combination. Multi-hand Straight Flush Bonus has up to a 50-hand capacity.

    Classic Straight Flush Bonus has a feature called Double Up, a side game of high card. You can double your winnings by correctly guessing which of the mystery cards is higher than the show card. Keep in mind, this is a gamble game; there will be times when it is impossible to win and times when every card is a winner.

    As a 3Dice Casino video poker, Straight Flush Bonus also features several customization options, like the ability to control the auto-hold, the sound, the speed, and the auto-play.

    The multi-hand Straight Flush Bonus game is one of the best multi-hand video pokers on the Internet. The pay table shows exactly how much you’ve won each game using color-coded bars, and you can rollover each individual hand to get a close-up shot. Just enough animation and crisp graphics make for nearly endless entertainment.

    Play both the single- and multi-hand versions of Straight Flush Bonus at 3Dice Casino.

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