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    Get 200:1 odds on a Four Sevens combo in Sevens Wild video poker by 3Dice Casino. This five-card, one-draw game features an Autoplay, quick deals, and a double up fame to make the most of every win. It’s also available in a multi-hand format.

    Single-hand Sevens Wild determines wagers by coin size ($.10 to $2.00) and number of coins per game (1 to 5). Minimum wager is $.10 and maximum wager is $10.00.

    The multi-hand version of Sevens Wild determines the game wager by the size of the coin ($.05 t o$2.00) and the number of hands played (from 5 to 50).

    Playing Sevens Wild Video Poker.

    Sevens Wild Video Poker played just like a standard poker game, except that the 7s are wild cards. You’ll use them to form winning combinations in this five-card game, one-draw game.  You’ll need to get at least a Three-of-a-Kind to win, which is somewhat easier now that you have four wild 7s floating around in the deck.

    Keep in mind that some cards are held automatically, and this feature can be undone if you’d like to take your hand another route.

    Sevens Wild is also available in a multi-hand format, but it is played much in the same way. You’ll be dealt five cards, you’ll select the ones you wish to hold, and then, based on the number of hands you’ve selected prior to the deal, you’ll receive that number of possible outcomes onto the table-from 5 to 50 hands.

    Essentially, you’ll see how that precise held-card combo turned out with a number of different decks.

    Sevens Wild Double Up Feature (Single-hand games only).

    If you’d like a chance to double, quadruple, or, alas, lose, your money, try the Sevens Wild Double Up feature. At the end of every winning hand, you’ll be prompted to either “collect” your winnings or “double up”.

    This bonus game is very simple: pick one of the four cards you believe will be higher than the card that is face-up.

    Sevens Wild Pay Table.

    A Royal Flush pays a rosy 300 to 1 in Sevens Wild, followed closely by Four Sevens (200:1) and not so closely by Wild Royal Flush (25:1).

    In 3Dice’s classic version of Sevens Wild, it is advantageous to play five coins per game, even if it means decreasing the size of the coin to do so-mainly to make the case for the huge 3700-coin leap for a Royal Flush (5-coin games pay out 4,000 coins!).

    The one-coin paytable and the multi-hand Sevens Wild pay table are the same.

    Sevens Wild video poker is available at 3Dice Casino, along with several other video poker versions.

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