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    Odyssey Deuce Video Poker Highlights

    Four-of-a-Kind pays out 25:1 in Odyssey Deuce, a twisted version of Deuces Wild by 3Dice Casino. Play the one-hand “Classic” version or 50 hands at a time with the multi-hand game.

    You can start your Odyssey Deuce adventure with wagers from $.10 to $10.00 in the classic game, and $.05 to $10.00 in the multi-hand game.

    Playing Odyssey Deuce.

    Once you’ve selected your wager, five cards can be dealt to you. You’ll have the option to hold any card you feel has potential—in fact, some cards are so full of potential that the software will automatically hold them for you.

    You can always change your mind with what the computer has selected. You’ll be prompted to Draw, which will replace the cards you didn’t hold with new ones.

    You’ll only be able to Draw once. Your goal is to create a winning poker hand of at least Three-of-a-Kind or better.

    Take Odyssey Deuce up a notch by playing from 5 to 50 hands at a time in the multi-hand version of the game. Even though the classic version only does one hand at a time, you wager more coins to increase the payouts you’d be eligible for.

    Three Dice Casino also offers Odyssey Deuce in a multi-hand format, where you can play from 5 to 50 hands of video poker at the same time.

    Graphically, it’s a completely different game, but from the standpoint of object and pay table, the only difference is the number of cards on the screen.

    Need more? The 3Dice casino help section is waiting for you in the upper left version of your screen.

    Odyssey Deuce Double Up Feature (Single-hand games only).

    The Double Up feature allows you to take your freshly won money and give you the means to double it. Just select “double up” instead of “collect” and you’re just one guess away from increasing your pay out.

    Odyssey Deuce Pay Table.

    You’ll get the standard 250:1 odds on a Royal Flush, and Four Deuces will run you the standard 200:1. The biggest play is that the Four-of-a-Kind pays out 25:1-but you’ll have to work for it-no wilds allowed.

    Odyssey Deuce does offer a separate payout for variations with the wild, but they start at a much-smaller 4:1 payout.

    Check out the other “Wild” video poker variations at 3Dice Casino today!

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