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    “Short and sweet” sums up the pay table of Lucky Nugget video poker by 3Dice Casino; with 750:1 odds on a Royal Flush and 15:1 odds on a Full House, Lucky Nugget could serve up a platter of player good fortune if the cards are played right.

    Two versions of Lucky Nugget are available at 3Dice Casino: the classic (single-hand) game and the multi-hand game.

    Classic Game Wagers: Up to five coins worth $.10 to $2.00 can be played per game for a table betting range from $.10 to $10.00.

    Multi-Hand Game Wager: Play up to 50 hands in 3Dice’s Multi-Hand Lucky Nugget at as much as $.20 each.

    Highest wager per hand is actually $2.00 each, but since the maximum total game bet is capped at $10.00, you’ll have to bet accordingly. Minimum bet is $.25 (5 hands at $.05 per hand).

    Playing Lucky Nugget Video Poker.

    Since everyone has their own take on the math and strategy of video poker, I’ll leave that portion of the game to your personal mantra and the research you’ve done.

    Lucky Nugget by 3Dice Casino is about as customized a video poker game as you can get-you can turn a variety of features (auto-hold, auto-play, sound) on or off, and you also can adjust the speed of play to match your personality, spare time, or the amount of caffeine you’ve consumed.

    Multi-hand Lucky Nugget is done in the same style of all 3Dice Casino’s multi-hand video poker games-and I have to say that I’ve never seen multi-hand games done quite like this.

    Winning hands almost leap off the screen (I understand the feeling, sometimes I want to do that, too), and the pay table displays your actual winnings instead of translating it in terms of coins, like the single-hand game.

    Lucky Nugget Double Up Feature.

    Double Up is a side game of high card you can play with your winnings. It’s only available in the single-hand Lucky Nugget game.

    Lucky Nugget Pay Table.

    The two most noteworthy mentions on the Lucky Nugget pay table are not the Royal Flush payout (750:1) or the Straight Flush (100:1); actually the Full House and the Flush pay an astounding 15:1 and 12:1 respectively.

    This can be done, of course, because you don’t have a single-pair bet on the pay table-you need at least Two Pair to win anything at all, and this will require a bit of a strategy adjustment.

    Special note, as of the time of this review, 3Dice Casino has spelled (or rather, misspelled) “Lucky Nugget” in several ways, including “Lucky Nugett” and “Lucky Nuggett”. Regardless of which way is correct, you can find them all at 3Dice Casino.

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