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    Loose Deuces Video Poker Highlights

    Four Deuces pays the same as a Royal Flush (up to 2500 coins!) in this video poker version of Deuces Wild. Play one hand or 50 hands!

    The single-hand “classic” video poker game has wagers starting at $.10 and going up to $10.00 per game, depending on the size of the coin ($.10 to $2.00) and the number of coins played (up to 5).

    The multi-hand game has a slightly more complicated wagering grid. Below are the maximum bets for each of the coin sizes provided:

    • Play up to 50 hands with a $.05, $.10, or $.20 wager per hand
    • Play up to 25 hands with a $.30, $.40, or $.50 wager per hand
    • Play up to 20 hands with a $.50 bet per hand
    • Play up to 10 hands at a $1.00 a piece
    • Play 5 hands at $2.00 each

    Minimum bet meeting the above requirements is $.25; maximum bet is $10.00 per game.

    Playing Loose Deuces.

    Loose Deuces video poker is a variation of Deuces Wild video poker. In this game, the 2s are wild just like in Deuces Wild, but in Loose Deuces, you have a couple more elements to the pay table.

    The first thing you’ll notice is that you’ll be paid the same as a Royal Flush if you get four 2s in your hand (up to 2500 coins!). You’ll also be paid a big differently if you get a Royal Flush using a wild card (known as a Wild Royal Flush).

    You’ll get the feel for how to play Loose Deuces fairly quickly, especially if you already know how to play Deuces Wild.

    Loose Deuces Double Up Feature (Single-hand games only).

    Pump your winnings to their potential in the Loose Deuces Double Up game where you pick which one of the mystery cards is higher than the card that is exposed to you.

    Every time you guess correctly, your total doubles and you’ll be given another chance to play. You only get to lose once, though, so try and stop when you’re ahead!

    Loose Deuces Pay Table.

    You’ll get a 1:1 payout for Three-of-a-Kind in 3Dice’s Loose Deuces. As stated earlier, your largest hand on the pay table is the Royal Flush or the Four Deuces—both pay out as much as 2500 coins (when you stake five coins on the game).

    Whether you play the classic one-hand Loose Deuces game or the mega-multi-hand version, you’ll be using the same pay table.

    3Dice Loose Deuces Multi-Hand Version.

    Play up to 50 hands of Loose Deuces video poker at one time with 3Dice’s multi-hand version of the game.

    Different from other casino’s multi-hand video pokers, 3Dice’s Loose Deuces graphics are incredibly crisp, and it even features a magnifier to look at selected the hands more closely, if needed.

    The twos are on the loose! Catch them at 3Dice Casino.

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