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    Jackpot Video Poker Highlights

    Jackpot Video Poker is a version of Jacks of Better with special payouts for “royal” Four-of-a-Kind combinations-up to 160:1 for a Four-Ace face card combo.

    You’ll also get a double-up feature in the single-hand game as well as full blown animations in the multi-hand format.

    You can expect a decent range of stakes in both the single- and multi-hand versions of Jackpot poker. The classic game has coin sizes ranging from $.10 to $2.00 each and, with the ability to play up to 5 coins per game; the maximum bet is $10.00.

    The multi-hand version is very similar, with coins starting at $.05 and going to $2.00 per hand. Bet range is from $.25 to $10.00 with the maximum hands played set at 50.

    Playing Jackpot Video Poker.

    Jackpot video poker, like other bonus video poker games, is a Jacks or Better poker game, which means that you need two Jacks to receive any payout at all.

    The mechanics of the game are fairly self-evident, but if you need a refresher or beginner’s course, you can go to the 3Dice Casino help section for more information.

    While I won’t outline exact Jackpot video poker strategy in this review, it would be something to investigate if you don’t already have a concrete understanding of how to play video poker.

    One thing is for sure; games like Jackpot video poker definitely favor the house with the lower-end payouts. This is the case whether you play the classic or the multi-hand versions of the game.

    Jackpot Double Up Feature.

    In the single-hand game only, you’ll see a “Double Up” feature whenever you win a game. This side game is a way to let you increase your winnings-doubling them, in fact, if you correctly guess which mystery card is higher than the one card that is showing.

    This is a gamble type of game, so you lose it all just as likely as you could double your winnings. This game, if played and won, will increase your payouts a lot more than some of your pay table options.

    Jackpot Pay Table.

    Jackpot Bonus is an 8/5 video poker game (which means a Full House is 8:1and a Flush is 5:1). Since the most generous house odds are 10/7, this Jackpot video poker leaves a bit to be desired in the payout percentage department (unless you’re the house, and then you love it).

    As I’ve said in other bonus poker reviews, this doesn’t mean it isn’t worth playing-I just want to make sure you know what you’re up against and make sure you understand the pay table, and your subsequent strategy, prior to playing the game.

    The pay table is displayed in all its glory with each and every hand, so I won’t reiterate it here.

    Just know that the “Jackpot” in Jackpot video poker has to do with its several five-card combinations with a Four-of-a-Kind and a face card, and the odds for such combinations range from 40:1 to 160:1. The pay table for the multi-hand game and the one-coin, single-hand game are one and the same.

    Jackpot video poker, and several, several, several other video poker versions are available at 3Dice Casino.

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