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    High Fives Video Poker Highlights

    High Fives video poker is a unique game in that the fives aren’t the only things that are “high”-the upper echelon payouts are higher across the board, including the Royal Flush at 800:1!

    In Single-Hand High Fives, you can play from 1 to 5 coins at values ranging from $.10 to $2.00 each. Maximum bet will be $10.00. Wagers in the Multi-hand version are based on a per-hand basis, starting at $.05 and going to $2.00 per hand.

    Each game has a total stake range from $.25 (5 hands at $.05) to $10.00. Play up to 50 hands simultaneously.

    Playing High Fives.

    The 5-card gets all the glory in High Fives video poker. You’ll get special payouts for Four Fives and Three Fives. Same poker hand rules and structure apply, so you’ll get the standard five-card hand with a second draw.

    If you’d like a little more information on this “highly” entertaining game, 3Dice Casino has a simple tutorial that’s easily accessible through their help menu.

    And, for all you multi-taskers, 3Dice Casino also has a Multi-Hand version of this High Fives video poker game.

    Once you get the hang of it in the classic style, or if you’d like to jump in with both feet, the Multi-Hand game gives you the option to play the same game with the same one-coin odds as the classic version, only with multiple hands at a time.

    Play from 5 hands to 50 hands with full animation, including that winning card glow.

    High Fives Double Up Feature (Single-hand games only).

    Like the “Gamble” feature in 3Dice slot games, you can ratchet your winnings up a notch by taking them to the Double Up side game.

    Guess which of the hidden cards are higher than the face card and you’ll double your winnings. Keep playing it and keep winning it, and you’ll keep doubling it. One loss voids all winnings, though, so know when to walk away, and know when to run!

    High Fives Pay Table.

    Both versions of High Fives video poker feature the same payout odds when you compare the one-coin classic game to the multi-hand version. You’ll get better Royal Flush odds in a five-coin classic game, but for the most part, you’ll enjoy equal play for both types of game.

    Here’s a sampling-you’ll find the rest on our screenshots:

    • Royal Flush has 800:1 odds (this is much higher than the 250:1 odds that are the 3Dice norm)
    • Four Fives gets 100:1 odds
    • Three Fives gets 5:1 odds.
    • Jacks or Better pays 1:1.

    The higher Royal Flush comes at the expense of the rest of the pay table, but don’t let that stop you-this is still a great and different video poker game to play.

    You’ll find this and several other video poker games at 3Dice Casino.

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