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    Flushorama by 3Dice Casino turns video poker on its head with a higher payout for a Flush (12:1) than a Full House (8:1).

    The rest of the pay table is what you would expect, from 250:1 odds on a Royal Flush to a 1:1 payout for a Jacks or Better. Two Pair also pay 1:1.

    You can play Flushorama via single-hand or a multi-hand games. Regardless which type you choose, the same pay table applies to both and will be available front and center for you to follow and create a strategy.

    Stakes for the classic, single-hand game start at $.10 and cap at $10.00, depending on the amount of the coin ($.10 to $2.00) and how many (1-5) coins wagered.

    As with most single-hand games, playing five coins gives you an amped up Royal Flush payout.

    Multi-hand Flushorama determines wagers by coin size ($.25 to $2.00) and number of hands. Regardless of the coin and hand combination, the minimum wager is $.25 and the maximum bet is $10.00. Play up to 50 hands at the same time.

    Playing Flushorama Video Poker.

    Flushorama is grouped with the “Regular” poker like Jacks or Better. As with any other video poker, all the mechanics are the same; you’ll be dealt five cards, and you’ll select which ones you’d like to keep in the hopes that your next draw will fill in the gaps.

    How you determine your hold cards is based on your overall strategy, but you can also use the 3Dice auto-hold function to help if you need it.

    You’ll need a pair of Jacks at least to get a payout.

    Single-hand Flushorama offers an additional game called Double Up, which is offered with any hand that wins.

    You can choose to “Collect” your winnings or “Double Up” by playing a side game of high card. This is a gamble game, so there’s a chance you could lose it all.

    Play Flushorama at 3Dice Casino.

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