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    Double Joker Video Poker Highlights

    Double Joker video poker gives 500 to 1 odds on a Royal Flush, and adds two wild Jokers and a Double Up feature to the mix.

    Whether you play the classic single-hand version or you prefer a multi-hand format, 3Dice Casino gives you your options and your payouts, too.

    Minimum wagers for the single-hand game and the multi-hand games are $.10 and $.25 respectively. While the single-hand game allows you to play as many as 5 coins (in sizes $.10 to $2.00) per game, the multi-hand game wager is based on how many cards you play at the chosen coin size (from $.05 to $2.00).

    Regardless of the game, the maximum bet for both is $10.00.

    Playing Double Joker Video Poker.

    Double Joker video poker is played with the typical poker rules in place. You’ll get five cards after you wager and, from there, you’ll select which, if any, cards you’d like to keep (hold).

    You’ll then draw to replace the cards you didn’t hold, with the hopes that the new cards will fill in the gaps you needed.

    The software will automatically hold what it feels are good choices (typically identical cards and cards in a run).

    Treat this as a fail safe, but, if you don’t agree with the choices, you can certainly select the cards you want. There is an autoplay feature that can be customized to your needs as well.

    If you choose to play the multi-hand format, you’ll see a drastically different layout than the classic game, as well as more animation, colors, and details.

    The game is played the same all the way to the “draw” portion. At that point, you’ll see as many as 50 hands appear (depending on your stake and wager) showing several iterations of the cards you held plus the outcomes of draws from as many as 50 different decks (one deck per hand wagered).

    Double Joker Pay Table.

    Double Joker features a fairly linear pay table that outlines wins starting with 1 to 1 odds on a Two Pair all the way up to the 500 to 1 odds for a Royal Flush.

    Add a Joker to the Royal Flush mix and get 100 to 1 odds on the win. Five-of-a-Kinds, Straight Flushes, Four-of-a-Kinds, and Full Houses each get 50:1, 25:1, 8:1, and 5:1 odds each.

    In the classic, single-hand format of Double Joker, playing 5 coins per hand multiplies the Royal Flush payout 10x-5,000 coins! The rest of the poker hands pay incrementally higher with each coin added to the stake.

    The multi-hand game has the exact same odds as the single-hand, one-coin game.

    The pay table is the same for the multi-hand game and the classic game (one-coin).

    Play single- or multi-hand Double Joker video poker (a poem in itself) at 3Dice Casino.

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