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    Double Double Bonus Video Poker Highlights

    Bonus video pokers mean special payouts for Four-of-a-Kinds, and a Double Double Bonus video poker means those payouts are extra special- up to 400:1 for Four Aces. Other features include autoplay, a doubling side game, and a multi-hand version.

    When playing the classic (aka single-hand) game of Double Double Bonus, the minimum bet is $.10 with a one-coin game. Five-coin games will max out at $10.00 when playing the largest $2.00 coin.

    In the multi-hand version, bets will range from $.25 to $10.00 based on the size of the coin and the number of hands played at the same time.

    Up to 50 hands can be played simultaneously; just keep in mind that the maximum bet is $10.00. This means that the more you wager per hand, the less hands you’ll be able to play at once.

    Playing Double Double Bonus Video Poker.

    In both the single- and multi-hand games, you’ll be competing solely against the payable. Since this is a Jacks or Better game, you’ll need at least a pair of Jacks in order to win any hand.

    This is also a typical video poker game, so you can expect the mechanics to work like any other video poker game (new to video poker? Check out 3Dice’s instructions in the help section).

    As a standard feature, certain cards in your hand will be held automatically. If you do not agree with the cards that are held, you can release the hold and choose others.

    Double Double Bonus Double Up Feature.

    Available in the classic game only, Double Up is equivalent to a Gamble feature in slots- only with cards. With every win, you’ll have the opportunity to play this side game to double your earnings.

    All you need to do is pick the mystery card that is higher than the exposed card. Every time you guess correctly, you can continue to keep on playing.

    Double Double Bonus Pay Table.

    As I mentioned earlier, Four-of-a-Kinds get special treatment in Double Double Bonus video poker:

    • Four Aces, when paired with a 2,3 or 4 give odds of 400:1
    • Four 2s, 3s, and 4s that are paired with an Ace, a 2, 3, or 4 have odds of 160:1
    • Four Aces pay 160:1
    • Four 2s, 3s, or 4s pay 80 to 1
    • Four 5s through Four Kings will pay 50:1

    All this razzle-dazzle in the Four-of-a-Kind department means the house can give you less favorable odds on the more common combinations.

    Double Double Bonus offers you a low pay 9/5 payout for Full House/Flush. The Standard is 10/6.

    Double Double Bonus Poker is one of ten bonus pokers and one of 35 different video pokers offered by 3Dice Casino.

    This 3Dice version of Double Double Bonus video poker features slightly less odds on the 5 through King Four-of-a-Kind (most games are 50:1).

    Video Poker is a lot like yoga- the more you learn about it, the harder it becomes to master, and the more fun it ends up being. Let this review be your warm-up. Play Double Double Bonus Video Poker at 3Dice Casino.

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