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    Double Deuces Video Poker Highlights

    ThreeDice Casino presents its Double Deuces video poker game, where Two Pairs pay double your money and 2’s are wild- play from one to fifty hands at the press of a button.

    In single-hand play, coin values start at $.10 and go up to $2.00. You can play up to 5 coins per hand, making the minimum bet $.10 and the max $10.00.

    The more coins you play, the great the payouts- just adjust your coin size accordingly for the most potential.

    Given that you can play anywhere from 5 to 50 hands, the stakes in multi-hand Double Deuces are a little more complicated.

    The higher the stakes, the fewer the amount of hands you’ll be able to play. The maximum bet per hand is $2.00 when five games are played; the minimum bet per hand of $.05 will allow up to 50 hands to be played at the same time.

    Playing Double Deuces.

    Double Deuces is named after the Two Pair hand. While the pay table fails to tell you, rest assured that you’ll be paid 2:1 for Two Pair, and you’ll also make even money on Jacks or Better.

    If you know how to play poker, you’ll know how to play Double Deuces- the trick is figuring out how to win and holding just the right cards.

    Double Deuces is a five-card game in which you’ll be given another drawing opportunity to replace unwanted (unheld) cards to complete your ideal hand.

    A quick technical note: When playing the Multi-Hand version, simply hovering your mouse over the miniscule cards will place zoomed version in the front and center of your screen.

    Double Deuces Double Up Feature (Single-hand games only).

    With every win, you’ll get a chance to take your winnings to the next level in the Double Deuces Double Up game.

    To Double Up, all you need to do is correctly pick which one of the mystery cards is higher than the card that is exposed to you.

    Every time you play, your total doubles. You only get to lose once, and it’ll lose all.

    Double Deuces Pay Table.

    Payouts in Double Deuces start with a 1:1 payout for Jacks or Better. Of course, the Royal Flush is the big winner, and it will pay out anywhere from $250 for a one-coin game to $2500 with a five-coin stake.

    Both versions of Double Deuces (single and multi-hand) use the same pay table and odds.

    3Dice Double Deuces Multi-Hand Version.

    If one-hand-at-a-time poker play is not your style, 3Dice Casino has developed a multi-hand version of their single-hand Double Deuces game.

    Play from 5 to 50 cards at a time with excellent graphics, clarity, and animation. As stated before, the pay table is the same for both versions.

    Play Double Deuces exclusively at 3Dice Casino.

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