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    Double Bonus Video Poker Highlights

    Four-of-a-Kinds reign supreme in 3Dice Casino’s Double Bonus video poker, paying up to 160:1 for Four Aces. This game offers very generous odds (10:1 for a Full House; 7:1 for a Flush) if played with perfect strategy.

    Play the one hand at a time or 50 hands at a time with all the trimmings.

    Wagers for the classic (single-hand) Double Bonus will range from $.10 to $10.00, based on a $.10 to $2.00 coin size and a selected number (up to five) of coins (1 to 5).

    In the multi-hand version of Double Bonus video poker, the minimum bet is $.25 (based on the smallest coin of $.05 and 5 hands, the smallest number of hands possible).

    The maximum stake is $2.00 per hand, and the total wager is capped at $10.00. Games can include up to 50 hands at a smaller coin size.

    Playing Double Bonus Video Poker. After your wager, you’ll be dealt 5 cards. Of those five, you’ll need to decide which cards are worth holding onto and which ones should be tossed and replaced.

    You’ll get one additional draw to fill in the gaps. The 3Dice software will hold cards in your hand based on its own strategy tables; feel free to create your own holds if you feel necessary.

    You’ll need at least a pair of Jacks or Better to get a return on your wager.

    Double Bonus Double Up Feature.

    If you need a break from poker, or you just want another way to double your winnings, 3Dice Casino offers a Double Up Feature in its classic (single-hand) game.

    Every time you win a hand, you’ll be prompted to collect it or gamble it. To win at the side game, you’ll need to correctly guess which of the four hidden cards is higher than the exposed card to the left.

    Double Bonus Pay Table.

    Double Bonus video poker offers a bonus payout for Four Aces, and doubles all Four-of-a-Kind payouts from the 3Dice Bonus video poker.

    Those who play a great deal of video poker like Double Bonus video poker because of the challenge- this game offers a theoretical return of over 100%, but that’s only when played with an impeccable strategy:

    • Four Aces give odds of 160:1
    • Four 2s, 3s, and 4s have odds of 80:1
    • Four 5s though Kings pay 45:1

    This 3Dice version of Double Bonus video poker features slightly less odds on the 5 through King Four-of-a-Kind (most games are 50:1).

    Video Poker is a lot like yoga- the more you learn about it, the harder it becomes to master, and the more fun it ends up being. Let this review be your warm-up. Play Double Bonus Video Poker at 3Dice Casino.

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