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    Double Bonus Plus Video Poker Highlights

    Whether you play the single-hand or multi-hand game, Double Bonus Plus plays up the Four-of-a-Kind while maintaining an 8/5 percentage in its pay table.

    You’ll be impressed with how easy the graphics and animations are on the eyes.

    Single-hand games offer a one-coin minimum wager of $.10 and a maximum 5-coin wager of $10.00. Multi-hand games of Double Bonus Plus video poker have coin sizes from $.05 to $2.00.

    Total wager is based on the coin size and the number of hands played at a time, the lowest being $.25 ($.05 x 5 hands) and the highest being $10.00 ($2.00 x 5 hands). You are able to play up to 50 hands at a time with the smaller coins.

    Playing Double Bonus Plus Video Poker.

    Double Bonus Plus is a Jacks or Better game that puts particular emphasis on the Four-of-a-Kind. Despite its unique pay table, the guts of the game are the same as any other video poker- 5 cards, 1 draw, and a minimum hand requirement for payout (in this case, a pair of Jacks).

    If you trust the 3Dice Casino strategy, you can set the Auto Play and forget it.

    Speaking of strategy, if you want to shake things up, you can play the Double Up side game with any winnings in the classic, single-hand game.

    Simply pick which of the four cards will beat the face-up card. Sometimes all four cards are winners; sometimes none of them are. It’s a gamble.

    Playing the multi-hand game is very similar to the single-hand game, up until the point of the draw. At that point, depending on the number of hands played, you’ll see how your held cards stood up when paired with a number of different decks/draws.

    All wins are color coded and displayed on the pay table.

    Double Bonus Plus Pay Table.

    By definition, Bonus video pokers offer higher payouts to Four-of-a-Kinds. Whether they are Aces (160:1), 2s through 4s (80:1), or 5s through Kings (50:1), these numbers offer some glowing light at the end of an otherwise fairly low-end odds pay table tunnel.

    As a Jacks or Better game, this one offers what’s known as an 8/5 payout percentage (Full House offers 8:1 odds; Flush is 5:1).

    As with all video pokers, however, the pay table doesn’t mean much unless you play with some sort of strategy; willy-nilly poker playing just creates a slot machine out of a video poker game.

    Bonus pokers offer a true challenge and solid payout percentages with a confident strategy. Try all 10 bonus video pokers available at 3Dice Casino.

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