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    All American Video Poker Highlights

    All American video poker features five cards, one draw, and shoot-from-the-hip 8:1 odds on a Full House, Flush, and Straight-among others, of course.

    Play the classic single-hand All American or the not-so-classic, but perhaps 50x more fun, multi-hand version.

    In the single-hand game, the wagers are determined by coin size, which varies from $.10 to $2.00. You then decide how many coins you’d like to play per hand, with each coin addition increasing the wager, and the payout-up to a max bet of $10.00 and a max payout of $5,000 for a Royal Flush.

    The multi-hand game features stakes per hand, from $.05 to $2.00. As you choose from 5 to 50 hands to play at the same time, your wager can range from $.25 to $10.00.

    Larger stakes have smaller hand caps, so you’ll be prevented from betting very large amounts each game.

    Playing All American Video Poker.

    All American Video Poker is a five-card game. Once your cards are dealt, you’ll select which ones you’d like to keep and then draw to replace the rest. Your goal is to create a winning poker combination of a Jacks or Better or higher.

    Some cards are held automatically, but you can go a different route if you so choose. All of 3Dice video poker games feature an Auto-play function, which you can customize.

    The multi-hand version of All American takes the same game and one-coin pay table and lets you play several games (from 5 to 50) at the same time. It features a bit more lavish animation and literally glows with winners. The trade off to playing so many cards at once is that you won’t be eligible for payouts as high as what a 5-coin bet could get you in the classic game.

    More information is available in the 3Dice Video Poker help menu.

    All American Double Up Feature (Single-hand games only).

    All 3Dice Video Pokers feature a Double Up game where you can double your recent winnings in a game of Guess-Which-Card-Is-Higher. This is a gamble feature, which means you can either win more or lose it all.

    All American Pay Table.

    For both the multi-hand All American as well as the classic All American video poker, you’ll be paid on the same pay table (if you compare the one-coin classic). Royal Flush, Straight Flush, and Four-of-a-Kind will pay 250:1, 200:1, and 34:1 respectively.

    To make the most of the game, you’ll have to play to the pay table’s strengths, especially since Jacks or Better and Two Pair will only pay you 1:1.

    Play All American Video Poker as well as a whole host of other video poker games at 3Dice Casino.

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