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    Aces & Jacks Video Poker Highlights

    Aces and Jacks video poker by 3Dice Casino is all about the Four-of-a-Kind—Four Aces, Four Jacks, Four of Any Kind all pay from 125x to 500x your maximum 5-coin wager.

    This game makes a strong argument for a five-coin stake, so it’s wise to adjust your coin size accordingly so you can play within those means.

    Multi-Hand Aces and Jacks stakes will go from $.05 to $2.00 for each hand. This brings a minimum game bet of $.25 and a max bet of $10.00.

    The more you bet, the lower the number of hands you can play at the same time (and vice versa). Play from 5 hands to 50 hands simultaneously in well animated, well-organized fashion.

    Classic Aces and Jacks stakes have coin sizes from $.10 to $2.00. Again, we recommend playing the maximum 5 coins (although we’re not here to judge). Minimum bet with 1 coin is $.10; maximum bet with 5 coins is $10.00.

    Playing Aces and Jacks.

    Aces and Jacks is played just like any other video poker-one deal, five cards, and one draw at a time. Select the cards you want to hold and draw to replace the ones you don’t.

    Your goal is get a hand that’s equal to or better than the lowest poker hand on the pay table-in this case, it’s Jacks or Better.

    If you really like to multi-task, then Multi-Hand Aces and Jacks is the game for you. Play up to 50 games at the same time without sacrificing animation, customization options, or your to-do list.

    Need more information? Check out the 3Dice Casino video poker tutorial section.

    Aces and Jacks Double Up Feature (Single-hand games only).

    You can double any winnings by playing the Aces and Jacks Double Up game. Just guess which of the hidden cards will beat the one face-up card. If you keep winning, you can keep playing. If you lose, you lose everything.

    Aces and Jacks Pay Table.

    The Aces and Jacks classic pay table increases linearly with each coin addition, except in the case of the Royal Flush, which jumps from 1000 coins (with a 4-coin game) to a 4000 coin payout  (with a 5-coin game).

    The top payouts are mostly Four-of-a-Kinds, and they’ll range from 25 to 1 with any Four-of-a-Kind to a 100 to 1 payout for Four Aces. The numbers listed on the classic pay table are multiplied by your bet.

    The pay table for Multi-Hand Aces and Jacks features the exact same payout odds as the one-coin classic pay table. Royal Flush pays 250:1.

    You’ll find this and 34 other versions of video poker at 3Dice Casino.

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