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    Aces & Faces Video Poker Highlights

    Aside from a smooth name, Aces and Faces video poker is all about forming quirky, yet winnable poker hands.

    In the 3Dice Casino version, you can play both the classic and the multi-hand Aces and Faces and get 80 to 1 odds for Aces and 40 to 1 odds for Faces.

    Stakes in Multi-Hand Aces and Faces will span from $.05 to $2.00 per hand, allowing for a minimum game wager of $.25 and a maximum wager of $10.00. The fewer hands you play, the more you’re allowed to stake per hand. The number of hands played at one time ranges from 5 to 50.

    Classic Aces and Faces stakes are very similar, with the smallest wager being $.10 and the highest being $10.00. While you’re only playing one card at a time, you can bet up to five coins (sized $.10 to $2.00) per game.

    Playing Aces and Faces.

    Don’t worry; as long as you know how to play video poker, you’ll know how to play Aces and Faces. Five cards and one draw later and you’ll look like a pro.

    To fill in the gaps of your poker knowledge, you can visit one our many tutorials or check out the 3Dice video poker help guide, which will explain all of the buttons, payouts, and side games.

    Multi-hand Aces & Faces is truly an upgraded experience from other software multi-hand poker games I’ve played. The animation is a marvel and the ease of play is outstanding to be a little on the ridiculous side.

    Aces and Faces Double Up Feature (Single-hand games only).

    Every Aces and Faces win is eligible for the Double Up round, a separate side game where you have the opportunity to double (and keep on doubling) your winnings.

    To win, all you need to do is correctly guess which of the unrevealed cards is higher than the show card. Just remember, this is a gamble feature-if you don’t win, you lose it all.

    Aces and Faces Pay Table.

    Multi-Hand Aces and Faces has an adjustable pay table that changes depending on your wager; it will show you your exact winnings, not just a number of coins won.

    For instance, a Royal Flush won with a $.10 stake will pay out $80. The same win with a $1.00 stake will pay $800 (here, of course, the odds are 800 to 1). Some other pay table items of note:

    • Four Aces: 80 to 1
    • Straight Flush: 50 to 1
    • Four Faces (of a kind): 40 to 1
    • Four Non-Faces (of a kind): 25 to 1

    It’s nice that the math is done for you, even if it takes training your brain to read the table differently.

    The pay table for the classic (single-hand) version of Aces and Faces features the exact same payout odds with the exception of the Royal Flush. Where the other payout line items double with the addition of another coin, the Royal Flush will increase by 500 coins, jumping to 4000 coins with a 5-coin wager.

    This version of Aces and Faces is available exclusively at the nicely animated 3Dice Casino.

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