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Online Groups Open to U.S. Players

Online Gambling Articles Concerning the U.S.

Online Poker Rooms Open to U.S. Players

Club WPT Poker

The following Poker Room software accepts players from the U.S.A. You can select the Poker Room picture to visit and Play, or select to read its review below.

Read the Club WPT Poker review.

Online Horse Betting Open to U.S. Players

The following Horse Betting software accepts players from the U.S.A. You can select the Horse Betting picture to visit and Play, or choose below it to read its review.

Read the TwinSpires Horse Racing review.

Fantasy Sports Alternative for U.S. Players

Fantasy Horse Racing

The following Fantasy Sports software is no longer available through our site. Read about the best alternative to fantasy sports games through the following link.

Read about the Alternative to Fantasy Horse Racing

As you are probably aware, at the end of 2006 new legislation was passed by the US Congress to begin barring financial transactions and other areas relating to online gambling. The wording of the law, who it affects and to what extent is still unclear but the reaction of several large online gambling sites was immediate. Some sites would no longer accept players from the U.S.

It's important to note here that there are some states within the U.S. that specifically do not allow online gambling and nothing has changed for those players. If you couldn't play at an online site before because it wasn't allowed in your state, that may still be the case.

Before gambling or playing real money games, check the rules and restrictions governing the gambling sites that continue to accept U.S. players, as some things may have changed.

All of the gambling sites listed here have confirmed that they accept players from the U.S. and meet or exceed the high standards required by Games And Casino.

Our website advocates responsible gaming and most of the online gambling sites listed here have earned our respect, and that of many other online gamblers from around the world.

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