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    established_in_2017_software_pageEstablished in 2017 by several gaming veterans, FunFair Technologies has quickly expanded and gained a reputation of a leading developer of blockchain-powered solutions. Having in mind that this cutting-edge technology is used daily in more than 22 jurisdictions globe-wide, the company is challenged to grow rapidly and expand its ecosystem with more and more strategic agreements.

    How to describe FunFair’s essentials in the simplest words?

    They believe in the power of the team and they are not afraid to make brave choices and move forward. As concluded from the name, fun and fairness matter the most to them.

    Keep reading to find out more about this leading provider of inventive and futuristic casino technology.

    What’s the Company’s Vision?

    The ultimate goal is to create a world of truly fair and decentralized online gaming powered by blockchain technology.

    Taking advantage of the transparency and security of this technology…

    …they want to offer a more user-friendly and fairer experience. This is where all the potential to build deep and long-lasting relationships between operators and players lies.

    Thanks to numerous crypto options such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Feathercoin, and more, radical changes in terms of fairness, transparency, cost, loyalty, and many other areas have brought positive changes to the overall gaming experience. Ethereum is their choice to conquer the industry and clientele.

    Governed by Core Values

    It’s not a bunch of dead letters on the paper, but a set of values which comes from each of the members of the team. It’s how they lead the business, treat each other, develop the products, and interact with clients.

    One Team-Background doesn’t matter as long as the community can collaborate well and use the independent and individual ideas to contribute. The goal is to change the industry together.

    Never Settle- While the majority of brands are always doing the same, this brave team thinks differently and always moves forward. As they believe, constant innovation and persistent drive are what’s the best for both clients and players.

    Fair’s Fair- Treating everybody with integrity and respect, the company aims to incorporate trust in its business and deliver nothing less but a fair deal.

    Seriously Fun- Encouraging the employees to show off individuality, and drive the creative spirit, they’ve found the perfect formula to work hard but have fun.

    Comprehensive Set of Services

    more_strategic_agreements_software_pageOne of the fields where the company excels is white-label solutions. Being completely transparent, they offer turnkey operations with no set-up fees and no monthly minimums.

    While providing all the necessary tools…

    …to establish an online casino, the studio leaves the operator enough time to focus on bringing more new consumers. With the help of FunFair’s solutions, acquisition and retention are revolutionized, improving player satisfaction, loyalty, and lifetime value.

    Then there’s a transparent, automated platform that bridges the gaps between software developers, operators, and end-users. Equipped with noteworthy financial rewards and innovative solutions, it gives their partners a chance to position themselves for a future where blockchain experience will be invaluable.

     Thanks to Ethereum…

    …the need for traditional servers is removed, reducing the number of vulnerabilities to be exploited. This means that the game is run by the exact code, which leaves no room for downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference, Moreover, no one can review the code before and after each game.

    So, what does a business associate get from a collaboration with this studio?

    • Browser-friendly interface
    • Responsive and compatible design
    • Simple integration
    • End-to-end support

    And also…

    …as the JPY is the second largest traded currency against Bitcoin after USD, the studio made a significant strategic decision- to localize its first platform in Japanese. Due to its regulatory framework around cryptocurrency, Japan is a great market, which explains why this language was the FunFair’s first choice.

    Among the brands they’ve tied the knots so far, there are:

    • Spike Games (April 2018)
    • Big Wave Gaming (July 2018)
    • RakeTheRake (July 2018)
    • CasinoFair (September 2018, first operator powered by FF)

    How Does Fun Fair’s Gaming Library Look Like?

    During Q3 2016 the development of their first slot prototype begun, followed by multi-spin and bonus spins features in Q1 2017, after which the demo was premiered at EdCon 2017.

    Q2 2017 was more than fruitful…

    …as it brought the introduction of Blackjack and Baccarat, as well as the platform presentation on June 19. After that, Roulette, Video Poker, and Craps were added.

    Besides these, the catalog is also filled with Virtuals and Scratch Cards. Such a versatile selection altogether implies that the developer is more than ready to explore various categories of games.

    As for the selection of slots…

    …all the listed titles so far bring immersive graphics and dynamic gameplay, accompanied by actionable and rewarding features. The available titles include Fate of Thrones, Bounty of the High Seas, Treasures from the Crypto, Alice Cooper: School’s out for Summer, Cyber Hunter 2080, and Astro Wilds.

    It’s quite interesting to notice that, unlike numerous producers who announce their presents via some fruit-themed slots, they haven’t got any of these at their catalog. Instead, they selected some less exploited topics, packed them with inventive technology, managing to “go beyond delivering an immersive experience”.

    Treating Players with Ultimate Quality

    Similar to how the company’s strategic players get numerous benefits from cooperation, players are promised the following:

    Fairness- This is made possible with verifiable game logic run by blockchain smart contracts. With transparent RNG, games are labeled as Guaranteed Fair.

    Fun & fast- Functioning even faster than any other traditional online casino, they enable virtually instant deposits and withdrawals, as no bank is required.

    Secure- Blockchain-powered registration and payments eliminate the possibility of fraud and allow punters to play games straight from the crypto-wallet.

    Convenient- It takes few clicks with streamlined registration, KYC, and payment steps to unlock the access to its gaming portfolio, and cashout winnings efficiently.

    Apart from games and services…

    …FunFair also bolsters a well-equipped shop with versatile items and accessories. Those include polo shirts, hoodies, phone cases, hats, and much more.

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