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    betixon_casino_software_g_and_cEstablished in 2016, BetiXon operates out of their headquarters in Malta. Not only do they hold the local gaming licence, but their games are also certified across a variety of other jurisdictions. The company mainly concentrates on producing online slots, but there are a handful of surprises in the form of branded games, sports games and even multiplayer casino games in the catalogue too.

    It’s not only games that the company produces. BetiXon also offers a full turnkey solution for anyone looking to start their own online casinos, which explains why they hold such a respectable amount of licences and certificates. This also means that they are quite well connected with other gaming providers. This might not be the most well-known company, but they are quickly building their fanbase, thanks to the high-quality casino games.


    This is not a game at all, but rather a widget that online casinos can add to increase the social aspects of their site. With it, players can share notifications of slot wins and played rounds, which other players can like and interact with. It might not sound like much, but it’s quite a crucial stepping stone on the way to a more inclusive multiplayer casino experience. We hope the company keeps on developing further tools like these.

    BetiXon Online Slots

    Online slots are the main product for betiXon, and we’ll go through the details in our dedicated BetiXon online slots article. However, you should know that these games employ all the tricks and techniques that you would expect from modern online slots. The graphics are great, sound effects add an extra layer of excitement into each round, and the themes are wide and varied. Special features and paylines likewise give plenty of different ways to enjoy these games.

    RNG Sports Games

    BetiXon is one of the very few gaming companies to produce virtual sports games. These casino games allow you to place bets on outcomes of different sports, which are then randomly resolved. Hence the RNG, or random number generator, in the name. There’s a variety of titles for all sorts of sports, making it easy to enjoy something entirely different alongside the slot spins.

    Branded Gaming

    Tired of the same games in all the different online casinos? In recent years, many online casinos have been looking for solutions in offering their players something that no other online casino can. BetiXon has noticed this too, and one of their main missions is to offer games that are only available in select online casinos, so-called branded games. Look for our suggested online casino sites to find the best of these.

    Licences and Certificates

    BetiXon holds gambling licences from Malta, the UK, and Romania. They have an ISO certification, and further certifications to ensure that their games comply with regulations of such countries like Estonia, Italy, Portugal, and many others. There’s no doubt about the safety and security of these games.

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