• Sweet’s Surprise

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      Top Game
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    Sweet’s Surprise slots, the tasty 3 reel 3 payline progressive slot from Top Game, gives you wild symbols for better pays, a progressive jackpot, and more yummy confections than you can shake a pie at (or a doughnut, or a cupcake). Carbo-loading just took on a whole new meaning.

    The Sweet’s Surprise progressive slots 3 reel game features some of Top Game’s best graphics, and the Wild takes the Cake-literally.

    Look for the White Cake with the Chocolate Ganache Icing (hereafter known as the Cake) to substitute for all symbols and to serve up the largest payouts; 1000, 3000, and 6000 coins depending on what payline three line up on.

    Get three of these Chocolate cakes on payline number 3 while playing max bet; and you win the Sweet's Surprise Progressive Jackpot! (aka: Stars and Stripes Jackpot)

    The coin sizes in 3 reel Sweet's Surprise progressive slots range from $.05 to $5, lines can be adjusted from 1 to 3, and bets range from $.05 to $15.00.

    There are several other delicious Sweet's Surprise slot game symbols to choose from, including:

    The Doughnut:

    • Chocolate covered and fresh off the icing tray, if you line up three on a payline (after all, who can really have just one?), you'll score the forth highest non-Jackpot win of 200 coins.

    The Cupcakes:

    • These aren't your average "bars", although they'll behave like the ones you are used to. Three of a kind or any of a kind, you'll win from 3 coins, and up to 50 coins if they line up on a payline.

    The Pie:

    • Will give you a slice of winnings one payline at a time. Just one on a payline puts a coin back into your account. Two anywhere will give you 2 coins and three on a payline will give you 5 coins. The more of these the cherrier...err merrier!

    Play Sweet’s Surprise 3 reel progressive slots because it’s time you made room for dessert and have fun too!


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