Kings and Queens

4.5 /5
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    Video slots
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Kings and Queens slot gives you a royal welcome. Within this 3 reel 3 payline slot, there are wild symbols, and a jackpot worth up to 6000 coins!

The King rules the roost in this Top Game online slot game-and you’ll want to make sure he attends as many of your payline parties as possible (particularly the one you host on the bottom payline).

When the Kings and Queens slot King arrives, he’s generous; jackpots range from 1000 coins to 6000 coins on a single spin, with three on a payline of course, in Kings and Queens slots.

Kings and Queens online slots wagering.

The coin sizes in Kings and Queens slots game range from $0.05 to $5, lines range from 1 to 3, and bets range from $0.05 to $15.00 max.

Other symbols in Kings and Queens slot to pay your regards to:

  • The Queen; pays out the highest (non-jackpot) win with 200 coins.
  • The Bars; you won’t miss these black beauties, especially since they give you so many ways to win. Three of a kind or any of a kind, you'll win from 3 coins to 50 coins if three of them line up on a payline.
  • Aces may be Four-of-a-Kind in their picture, but they'll payout one at a time. Just one on your payline tosses a coin back into your account. Luckily, they don't like to travel alone!

Don’t let their somber expressions fool you! The King and Queen are happy to play this game with you. Pay them a visit by playing Kings and Queens online slots.

By GamesAndCasino