Bankroll Reload

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    Video slots
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Powered by Top Game, Bankroll Reload 3 reel slot games give you plenty of ways to line your account, whether you want it insulated with rolls of cash, stars, coins or bars. The pay table is easy to read and quick to respond, so play it any way you like it, with 1, 3, or 5 paylines, with wilds, and go for their 6000 coin jackpots.

Bankroll Reload - A 3 Reel 1 Payline Slot Machine.

While this this Bankroll Reload slot game has one payline, you still have the freedom to choose the size of your bet...

Bankroll Reload slot with one-payline wagering; choose coins between $.05 and $5.00, and the amount of your multiplier (3 coins max, for a maximum bet of $15).

If your reels see cash, so will your account. You’ll get a bang for each roll of bucks that falls on the payline-even if it’s just one (which is basically a free spin). The single Wild will substitute for a single roll of cash, so there’s twice as many ways to win back your bet.

The Coined Seven symbol is your Wild symbol, and it’s happy to substitute for all these symbols in Bank Reload slots-single line:

  • The Bank Reload single line Bankroll; with just one, two or three of the Bankroll's on its payline, get from 1 to 15 coins back respectively.
  • The Bank Reload single line Bars; the single line bars will pay with three 1 bar, 2 bar, or 3 bar symbols on the payline, or a mixture of all three.
  • The Bank Reload single line Stars; you can only get a payout with 3 of these on its payline.

If you can get three 7s to sit on the Bank Reload slots single payline, you’ll be 6000 coins the merrier.
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Bankroll Reload - A 3 Reel 3 Payline Slot Machine.

If the third time is a charm, then the third payline is—well, just plain fun. Since each line is straight across, your winnings are easy to follow (and the fact that the pay table lights up also helps). As with all Bankroll Reload versions, the Coined 7 is the Wild, and the Rolls of Cash are the surefire way to make up some ground.

Bankroll Reload slot with three-paylines wagering; coin sizes range from $.05 to $5, lines range from 1 to 3, and bets range from $.05 to $15.00. Maximum payout is 6000 coins when you line up the Coined 7s on the bottom payline, or number 3:

  • The Bank Reload 3-line Bankroll; get a payout with just one bankroll, or two, or even three. Get from 1 to 5 coins back in that order.
  • The Bank Reload 3-line Bars; get a payout with a mixture of all three of the 3-line Bars, or with 3-1 bar, 3-2 bar, or 3-3 bar symbols on the payline.
  • The Bank Reload 3-line Stars; you will have to line up all 3 of these one of its paylines for a payout.

You’ll be hard pressed to spin these Bank Reload 3-line reels and not come up a winner (which is why I found this game to be pretty enjoyable overall).
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Bankroll Reload - A 3 Reel 5 Payline Slot Machine.

With the coined 7 Wild and a roll of cash symbol just waiting to pay out, it seems that every spin has that magical winning ring on this 3 reel 5 payline game.

The trick, of course, is to get as many of the coined 7s to show up on the paylines as possible, because any way you look at it, there’s money to be won (from 1000 to 6000 coins to be exact).

Bankroll Reload slot with five-paylines wagering; coin sizes in range from $0.05 to $5, select line bets from 1 to 5, and bets range from $0.05 to $25.00. If you see a roll of cash, chances are you’re going to get paid. It may not pay for itself, but it’s sure to take the edge off. Check out the 5 payline game symbols:

  • The Bank Reload 5 payline Bankroll; get a payout with just one, or two, or even three bankroll's on one of the five lines, and get from 1 to 5 coins back.
  • The Bank Reload 5 payline Bars; any three of the 5 payline Bars will payout on a line, or with 3 of a kind; payouts go from 3 to 50 coins.
  • The Bank Reload 5 payline Stars; the Stars will only pay out with all 3 on one of its paylines, for 200 coins.

Look for Coins, Cash, Stars and Bars, and play Bankroll Reload online slots in any of its variations.

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