ReelPlay Slots

reelplay_gc_1What you really want from a slot machine? To look good, have great features? Dynamic gameplay that keeps you on the edge of your seat? Or maybe high winning possibilities? What if you can have it all? 

As long as we are concerned, ReelPlay successfully managed to implement all those previously said things in their catalog of games. How they do it, maybe you wonder. Well, success doesn't come overnight. 

ReelPlay was established back in 2014, under the name Chance Interactive. Four years later, the company rebranded as ReelPlay. The management, from the bare beginning, had the same idea in their minds –to distribute something memorable. Thankfully, every member of the group had a lot of experience in the business, and a lot of energy to commit to making something players will not forget just after they press the CLOSE button. 

What is so special about their games? We suggest you keep on reading. 

Common Themes and Visual Quality

reelplay_gc_2There is absolutely nothing common around ReelPlay’s slots. The team of designers finds inspiration in many things. In their library players can find fantasy-themed slots, Asia-inspired, but carnivals, mermaids, lollipops, and more. It’s obvious they don’t want to put etiquette on their titles; the sky is the limit for their creativity and imagination. 

Those lollipops we just mentioned are featured in the Lolly Land, the most vivid and luminous slot we have ever seen! Full of lollies, jelly beans, and candy sticks, it makes you want to play it, but bite the screen at the same time. Very lively and entertaining machine, one of ReelPlay’s most loved ones. 

From the other side, we have one “serious” title on the table. 

Rogue Treasure, medium volatility pirate game, with amazing historical graphics. The story is located inside the walls of a medieval city, the spinning symbols are authentic and faithful to those old times, and generally – the game is pretty unique in theme and design. Slot seekers who are feeling enthusiastic about history will surely enjoy this one. 

From the old times to a futuristic bounty hunter in the Bounty Hunt slot! 

Engaging design, and entertaining storyline; always an enjoyable fight between good and bad guys are following the gameplay. 

ReelPlay’s titles are not large in amount, but giants when it comes to creativity and uniqueness. Another great thing regarding ReelPlay’s slot releases is the visual quality. Until now we only spoke about differences in themes, but wait to hear what we have to say about the quality!

Superb and full of energy. Extremely attractive slot products. We love everything about them, starting from the cutting-edge graphics, great choice of soundtracks, top-notch animations. As we said in the beginning – the chances to forget that you played some of their games are slim to nothing. 

Ok, let’s put all said above in one sentence: ReelPlay has outstanding and unique ideas, which turn into a high-quality reality. What a truthful rhyme.

Basic Features and Winning Possibilities 

reelplay_gc_3We promised that it’s not just about the looks, but about the exciting features, as well. This supplier knows how to hit customer’ buttons. Is there a better way to do it than to pump the games with multiple bonuses and boosters?

What do you get when you combine Wilds, Scatters, Multipliers, Expanding Reels, Megaways, Stacked Symbols, Free Spins, and Infinity Reels into one slot? You get Odin Infinity Reels Slot by ReelPlay, a slot machine that will keep you stuck to your gaming chair for hours!

ReelPlay is generous about pumping their games with bonuses, but when it comes to maximum winning possibilities, too! In the Odin slot, the max prize is an impressive 20000x bet! 

Another great solution is Atlantis Megaways, one of the most popular drops, powered by 117,649 ways to win! An astonishing number, don’t you think so? 

On top of everything, all slots have a high RTP value, around 96% average. 

Mobile Play

Provide a good internet connection, grab your favorite remote device, and get ready to spin and win! The games are mobile-friendly, available on smartphones and tablets powered by Android, iOS, or Blackberry operating system. Expect no less than smooth gameplay, same, great quality of graphics, full features, and fast responsive software. 


Small, but well-chosen team of software developers, gaming experts, and creative directors from ReelPlay are doing a great job! Focused, hardworking, and passionate, they contribute first-class gaming to the iGaming industry. If you still didn’t have the chance, we highly recommend you to try their games, you will not regret it, not a second.