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Lost World Games
Their release schedule is so slow, and the company is so small, that it’s hard to say if they even are in business anymore. The games are still available through selected operators, so at least you have a chance to enjoy them. Lost World Games rely very heavily on quality, and that is why there are not many slots out yet. Another factor is the fact that the company seeks to push out games only when they think they are adding something new to the mix.

Lost World Games is located in the UK, and they were established in 2014. They have only a handful of releases out, and it is not certain if they continue pushing out more slots. The games that are out, are available at some of the top casinos. We suggest you give these titles a look!

Engaging and enjoyable games

The core design principle around Lost World slots is adding something new to the markets. There are thousands of slots with all the common features, paylines, symbols, themes and such already used up many times. This is why it’s a slow process to come up with something that combines things in a way never seen before.

Mobile compatibility is taken into account in game design, just like everything else. No matter what device you are using the slots will run perfectly, thanks to the HTML5 technology in use. These games seek to engage the player via special features, graphics, animations, and customisation.

Common features with a few touches of perfection

It’s not like Lost World games would seek to break the mould entirely. They simply take the common features and add enough engagement and entertainment to make them worthwhile. The themes are often drawn from popular culture, though the pulp/niche/specialty part of it. For example, King of Kaiju slot takes Godzilla as a theme and uses free spins as the main bonus feature. The theme is something we are all familiar with, one way or another, but have never seen in a slot. The bonus spins, on the other hand, add a bit of extra through multipliers and the possibility to re-trigger the feature. It’s that bit of extra that they add to everything that makes the games stand out.

Expected payouts and traditional slot gaming

One of the core features of Lost World slots is classic slot gaming. Though the company always seeks to add something new and expand on what already is, they do not seek to replace traditional slots play with anything.

The basic idea and the simple reels stay the same. 25 paylines and five reels with three symbol positions each is a standard for all of their games. The return to player percentage is always above average(though this also depends on the online casino in question), whereas payouts usually offer a good range of medium and big wins. All in all, these are slots that you won’t experience anywhere else. Give them a go!