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    Lost World Games is a small operation and in a way something of a niche producer. The company is deeply seated in the geek culture, which also means that their grip on modern technology is exemplary. Any internet-enabled device should be able to run their HTML5 slots.

    The catalogue for the company is rather small, and their release schedule extremely slow. In four years they have pushed out four slots. The size of the company has a lot to do with this, but so does their dedication to quality and producing unique and different games.

    Lost World Games was established in 2014 and it is located in the UK.

    How to produce premium slots

    Quality starts from compatibility. Lost World Games slots can be played from any device, and they integrate easily to any casino. The interface is always well designed. The main importance, and the thing that pushes the games from quality to premium, is all the attention paid to the actual games.

    This mostly shows up in the desire to always, with no exceptions, offer something that doesn’t already exist in the markets. Whether it’s the theme, new special features, or simple ideas, it’s guaranteed to be a game that doesn’t immediately bring another one to mind. The downside of all this is that it takes ages for Lost World to publish games. As time passes you will have more titles to play, and already there are enough to occupy your spins for quite a while.

    Customisation and exclusive content

    Another reason for lack of published slots might be the fact that the company also produces slots for casinos and other gaming companies, and does a lot of related consultation. Now, when we said that Lost World Games is a small company, what we really meant was that it is more of a workshop for craftsmen rather than a modern mobile gaming company.

    This is why it’s doubtful that it will ever become a massive success, but also the one fact that makes it different and unique amongst the whole field that is all competing iGaming companies. This also means that the slots always come with a clear theme and style, and overall a more comprehensive feeling to the gameplay.

    Unfortunately, it has been quiet

    Despite the relative success of their titles and the fact that several big online casinos(such as Mr Green) signed them up immediately, the company has become quite quiet. Now, we don’t know if this is because they are looking to push out their next slot, or if the team gave up and has departed for other projects. The games themselves are still available, and they offer some of the best modern slot gaming experiences out there. Check out the demos here or choose a casino to play in!

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