lightningboxgames Slots

Lightning Box Games was founded in 2004. The company started with an already experienced crew, that has been growing in numbers and skill ever since. Originally the company aimed for land-based markets(and still do), which explains the classic look and feel of most of their slots. Nowadays they are expanding into online slots as well as social gaming.

The company is based in Sydney, Australis, from where they have expanded into the worldwide markets. They have quite an extensive network of partners, both online casinos and turnkey providers. Lightning Box Games certainly fills a niche, and in that niche, they are one of the most prominent producers. The games do not offer the most innovative or experimental takes on slot games, but if that’s not what you are after then you should definitely give a look at their titles. In demo mode or not.

Serengeti, lions and leopards

One thing that stands out immediately from Lightning Box Games is the team’s undying attention and love for big cats. Different animals and biomes(jungle and savannah mostly) are the featured theme in roughly half of their games. Historical events, myths and popular culture make up the rest. The quality has stepped up considerably over the years, though the graphics and animations still very much pay homage to the land-based style that is familiar from any casino terminal.

It is worth mentioning that this style seems to be in great demand, as the company has recently expanded throughout the world, even as far as in the US markets.

A mix of maths and graphics

Though the games mostly trust in the five reels and 5 to 40 paylines, there’s a whole world of the mathematics behind them. This ensures that no two games ever play the same, and more importantly that the games are not just simple copies of each other. This also allows the company to add way more variety in the games, than their otherwise limited concentration on the classical style would allow. Naturally, all of this is checked by the proper regulatory bodies.

Graphics have received an update from the early days of slot making, though they do retain their traditional style and feel. Animations are somewhat scarce, but they do feature at such times when you land winning combinations.

A word about gameplay and special features

The gameplay might at times seem a bit bland. Mostly you will run into special features that draw their inspiration from bonus spins, wilds, scatters and multipliers. Lightning Box doesn’t aim to break the mold in any of their games. There are hardly any big innovations or experimental features. For some, this might mean loss of interest, but for others, it means that they deliver exactly what we are used to, often in a perfect package.

That said, there’s no fighting progress forever, and Lightning Box Games does have some games available that offer a bit of a different style, theme and functionality when compared to the vast majority of their games. Another batch of games that differ from the norm is the collection of progressive jackpots, that is definitely worth checking out.