Fugaso Slots

There are a few main things that you can use to measure the strength of online slots, and Fugaso is solid in all of these areas. That's why they are able to consistently make great games. While they may not be the most well-known company out there, and they may not have the largest portfolio available, they are solid over and over again, which makes their games a great addition to any casino or software package.

HTML5 Online Slots

All of their games are produced with HTML5 now, and this is a shift from how they were using Flash exclusively earlier. They've been around since 2001, which means they were around before HTML5 existed, and Flash was the common option. Instead of staying in the past, however, they have upgraded themselves and found that they need to stay on top of things that are happening in the industry, which includes shifting over to HTML5. A lot of their games have been produced in both platforms, but they are definitely preparing for the future, which includes mobile.

Using Different Types of Themes

A key characteristic of Fugaso slots is that they are based on a variety of themes that you don't necessarily see over and over in the industry. A good example is their Knockout: The Last Fight slot, which is based on MMA. Another good choice that illustrates this is the Cosa Nostra slot, which is based on the famed Italian mob. Grand Sumo with its sumo wrestling theme is yet another example. They produce great games based on themes that will keep you interested in part because you haven't already seen them done over and over again.

Formats and Features

Fugaso is also great about using different formats and features that fit the themes they are using for the games they produce. For Cosa Nostra, they use 20 paylines with five reels and three rows because it's such a solid foundation for a game, and everything else about the slot is based on the features. However, in Grand Sumo, everything is about size, so they used a different type of layout with 720 ways to win, and that goes to show that they know how to get players immersed in the experience by making sure every aspect of the game lines up with the theme in a smart way.


There's no denying that Fugaso slots are particularly strong. There may only be a few dozen of them, but with today's industry consisting of casino sites that have tons of software providers contributing content, they fit in perfectly. If you're a fan of high-quality slots with strong gameplay values and fun themes, then this is a company you will definitely want to look out for.