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what_do_we_know_about_this_debut_title_slots_pageThey did open the door of their company back in 2020, but in the terms of making online casino games, Elysium Studios are a newborn.

Their gaming portfolio is still empty, but their team, based in Sofia, Bulgaria, is working solid and concentrated on developing debut titles made under the name of the Elysium brand.

The first one to be delivered to impatient fans is video slot „SUPA CREW

What do We know About this Debut Title?

The slot is still under the veil of mystery. The persistent ones can find some data on the official Facebook page of the brand, where the company released small pieces of information about the upcoming debut slot.

We were very really interested to find more, and this interest lead us to the promo video of „SUPA CREW“.

The Impressions

After less than a second, we understood what Elysium had in mind while making this game. Pure entertainment! „SUPA CREW“ is an extremely colorful, happy-looking slot, with a pinch of, we must admit, a trippy vibe. When you look closer at the background of the board, you will see smiling mushrooms and joyful cats with spiral shapes drew on their heads. Trippy, we said it was trippy. The music perfectly follows this slightly freaky theme.

In the terms of graphics and animation, the game seems flawless. Everything is just running smooth and looking very high-quality.

The symbols are well-chosen; on a classical 5x3 reel, you will see multicolored crystals spinning, ticking bombs, yellow stars...

At some point, a mystery coin symbol will appear. This symbol can summon the Supa Crew Brothers, cool-looking dudes in overalls, with car sprays in their hands, which can help you in scoring a win.

Multiplier and Mega Coins features may be triggered, and so as the chance for a bigger win

What else this slot has to offer, we will need to wait and see.

Hopefully, it will be available to play in the next couple of days; many gamblers are expecting to try out the first creation of the promising team of Elysium Studios.

Can They Satisfy The Industry Standards?

Judging by the promo video – certainly yes, they can. „SUPA CREW“ is giving the impression of creativity, innovation, and hard work. How many times did you play slots which you forgot you played just after pressing the close button? These days, many of that kind are on the market. The competition is massive and very strong, everyone is working around the clock, brainstorming how to deliver to players something new, fresh, and never seen before... The iGaming industry is pretty intense and sometimes hard to handle, but we have a feeling that Elysium Studios will find its way into the hearts of gamers. Why this opinion, you wonder? Because „SUPA CREW“ did not vanish from our minds after a couple of seconds.