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Crazy Tooth Studio Slots

crazy_tooth_main_slot_pageOfficially, they entered the iGaming scene as a group in 2011, under the intriguing name Crazy Tooth Studio. But, as individuals, people who manage this brand, have been in the business for decades.

Ben Hoffman and Will Burrows are the people in charge of this fast-growing company, and together they have more than 30 years of experience in the gaming industry.

With joined forces, together they’re making incredible-looking slots, powered by signature features and high winning chances.

Recently, Crazy Tooth Studio partnered up with Microgaming which was a significant step forward for the Nevada-based supplier. Thanks to this deal, their content is now available across all Microgaming-powered gaming platforms and online casinos. 

Themes and Visual Quality

themes_and_visual_qualityCrazy Tooth Studio is producing slots, exclusively. The number of their releases is not gigantic, but the games are, more importantly, great in the terms of quality and overall gaming experience. 

In order to get that originality, Crazy Tooth created its own game engine – CTS Arsenal. Thanks to this engine, they are free to create whatever they imagine, while the integration remains the easiest possible. 

Themes are variable; From superheroes to Greek legends and chickens. 

Slot developers find inspiration in many things. There is one constant in their slots, though. Every single title they have ever made, from the first one - Choco Choco, to the latest drop – the visual appearance and graphical schemes never failed to impress the players. 

Crazy Tooth Studio game creators are spending much of their time in developing new systems which can improve the overall quality of the games, especially in the terms of visual form.

One of the ways to do this is by implementing 3D animations that spice up the game dynamics. The crew responsible for the design is very open towards colors, which is evident in almost each of the slots. Bold choices when it comes to themes (Lucky Clucks slot) and fresh ideas regarding methods of playing (The Incredible Balloon Machine, Golden Hook). 

Features and Winning Chances

Forget all those boring, plain slots, powered just by Extra spins. Focus on Crazy Tooth Studios, which bring us unique, one-of-a-kind, trademark features. 

This supplier is thinking and working out of the box. 

The best example may be WINCREASE feature, made to increase your winnings during bonus games. This booster is available in The Incredible Balloon Machine game, where, to pick prizes, you need to inflate the balloons.

CONTINUWIN is a very interesting and exciting booster presented in the Seven7s slot. The base game is spinning around a single reel with one row of symbols. Every time a Lucky 7 symbol lands on the reel, another row of reels is added. This continues till the number of reels hits seven. 

In the plethora of features, there are the traditional ones, too. Wilds Scatters, Stacked symbols, Multipliers, Scatters, Bonus games, and not to forget the famous Free Spins. 

The maximum winning possibility depends on the title you opted for, but we will take Fortress Charge, as an attractive example that can lift your gaming spirits. 16,000 times the winning bet is the maximum possible prize. Maybe YOU can be the lucky one? 

Mobile Play

All games made in the Crazy Tooth Studio factory are compatible with all devices. Content is built on HTML5 technology, which promises detailed graphics, full bonus availability, smooth play, fast loading… Everything you can get on a Desktop play, just in a smaller size. 


One of the things we like the most about this iGaming producer is the imagination. It’s apparent they are trying to bring something original, to step on that invisible line that many others don’t dare to cross. To deliver something new to the industry, to mix things up, remind the players that the limit of creativity is only the sky.