CEGO Slots

CEGO slotsCEGO is a danish gaming company, with an online casino and a danish gaming license of their own. They started operating in 2000, back under the name of Magnet Gaming. Their expertise lays in making modern slots as well as social games. At the moment it is a bit unclear if the company has decided to exclusively offer their games through their own platform, or if the games are still available through third-party casinos as well.

Whatever the case, the slots are definitely worth checking out. There is quite a nice mix of different themes, of different paylines setups, and quite a collection of special features to astound the player. The company also offers jackpots, of which some are progressive. Their social gaming products are leading the way to new game types and experiences.

Casual and tested themes

Gangsters, monsters, heroes, fantasy, sci-fi, hotels, and classics. CEGO slots use anything and everything as a theme, as long as it is something that the players are interested in. The main thing is, of course, the fact that the themes are well-done. This means that the graphics, animations and sound effects fit the game. The games use all of these qualities to bring forth the sort of entertainment that we all seek out in slot games.

Though the company doesn’t have hundreds of games available, its collection is big enough to encompass everything you could think of. They don’t copy their own designs from one slot to the next, which also explains why it takes time to come up with new slots. Still, their release schedule is quite a busy one, and there is always something new to try out.

What really stands out though…

...are the special features

Though you can find wilds and scatters, as well as the basic bonus games, the company has chosen to go a different route for the main attraction. Most of the games come with a specialized mini-game. These often incorporate pick-a-prize features into the mix, with the main prizes easily going into the thousands and tens of thousands. 

Multipliers also play a role, often kicking the main prizes up to fivefold the original. Often you will have at least three different bonus features in a single game. The RTP also reflects this, often rising above 96%.

There are also several progressive jackpots, which adds the necessary dimension of massive wins that some players are after.

Mobile gaming

When it comes to mobile compatibility, these games are at the top of the list. The graphics we have already mentioned truly stand out even on smaller screens. The interface has all the right options and buttons at right places, and it is just as easy to tap them with your finger as it is to click them on desktop computers. 

Whatever the reason for the name change, it didn’t change the fact that these games are a must-try!