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it’s_all_about_uniqueness_slotAnnouncing its presence in May 2021, Blue Guru Games joined the industry to bring immersive online content for all profiles of consumers. Knowing that a predominant number of punters launch their favorite games on the move, the studio puts special focus on mobile-optimized content.

What makes Blue Guru Games different from the rest of the competition?

Worth stressing out is that this provider is an exclusive content producer for LeoVegas Group. This corporation possesses a wealth of knowledge and rich industry experience, which means that they have the necessary tools to deliver precisely what the international audience wants.

Stay tuned to take a closer look at Blue Guru Games studio and their slot games!

It’s All about Uniqueness

If there’s one thing that particularly matters in this highly competitive industry, then it’s authenticity. So many stories and scenarios have been presented in slot games so far, that it seems almost impossible to come up with a unique idea and concept.

To start with, the Blue Guru Games team has over two decades of experience in game development. On top of that, the studio relies on all expertise and knowledge of LeoVegas, which means that they are more than well-equipped to build attractive products.

The provider’s main focus will be to manufacture games and unique characters and incorporate them in the marketing, which will add one more layer of originality to their releases. As the team points out, this should build stronger loyalty to their brands.

According to LeoVegas’ CEO Gustaf Hagman, this venture into independent game development is the huge step for the company, and is bound to give them a new revenue stream over time.

What Makes Their Products Distinctive?

At the time of writing this article, none of the studio’s games was live, but we explored a bit to give a couple of hints so that punters know what to expect from this provider.

Their plan is to drive innovation and create games that the customers truly enjoy by primarily relying on data and experience. The studio is eager to experiment and deliver both local games for individual markets as well as content suitable for broad international markets.

Also, they are aware that being flexible is of vital importance while producing games, so one can say that they are well-prepared for any future trends that could conquer the industry. Flexibility is the key in maintaining the balance between old and new stuff, meaning- being able to satisfy both those who prefer vintage-looking content and those striving to spin the reels of some futuristic adventures.

Lots of Surprises on the Horizon

Knowing that this brand belongs to LeoVegas Group, players can be 100% sure that this developer will deliver the finest content for mobile devices. After all, LeoVegas holds the reputation of the “King of Casino” and is at the forefront of production thanks to state-of-the-art technology implemented in their mobile-friendly games.

As far as the studio hinted, the first products from this creative workshop are expected to hit the shelves near the end of 2021. Also, the team shared their ambitions with the punters, revealing that they plan to craft at least 20 releases in the coming 24 months.