• Tiki Fruits

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      Red Tiger Gaming
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      Video Slots
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    If you'd like a title with a gameplay experience that's a bit different than what most slots to offer, then the Tiki Fruits slot by Red Tiger Gaming has what you're looking for. This title is based around making clusters of matching symbols on an enormous 80-spot grid while you fill up meters to try to improve your value with the various features available. There's a lot going on in this game, so make sure that you understand how it all works before you play so that you aren't overwhelmed.

    A Large Format

    There are eight vertical columns in this slot along with 10 horizontal rows to create a massive grid of symbols, but there aren't reels in the traditional sense. This is because there are also not paylines in the traditional sense, and the game creates wins based on clusters, as we will explain below. Betting is set up around this by only charging you on a per-spin basis, and these amounts go from $0.20 per turn at the lower end up to a massive $500 per spin. With that having been said, keep in mind that the maximum may be lowered to something in the range of $100 depending on which casino you're playing with. This won't change much except for extremely high stakes players.

    Cluster-making Fun

    To get wins in this game, you'll need to make clusters of symbols. A cluster is created by having at least five matching symbols connected to each other vertically or horizontally but not diagonally. The bigger the size of the cluster or the higher the ranking of the winning symbol, the better the payout that you will receive. This leads into the other features and how you can easily rack up several wins on the same paid spin thanks to the way those features function.

    Chain Reaction Feature

    When you get at least one winning cluster, you'll trigger the chain reaction feature. As it's paid off to you, it will disappear to create space that allows more symbols to fall down into place. You then get chances to get even more wins thanks to these new positions of symbols on the game board. This chain reaction can happen over and over until there are no winning clusters on the board.

    To the right-hand side of the reels, you will see positions for meters beside of the five fruit symbols: watermelon, grapes, oranges, lemons and cherries. Each symbol in a winning cluster on a given paid spin will increase these meters by one position. If the meter fills all the way, the totems to the right will blow all of the matching symbols off of the reels to make a lot more new symbols drop down and maximize your chances of getting more winning combinations.

    Bonus Symbols and Tiki Spins

    The bonus symbols function a little differently. You don't have to get them into clusters, and they automatically add to the bonus symbol meter each spin and on the chain reactions. However, like all of the other meters, they restart at the beginning of each new turn in regular gameplay.

    If you're able to fill the bonus meter, then you'll be given a random number of Tiki Spins, which are free spins with some extra value. None of the meters reset in this feature between turns, and you can also earn more free spins if you fill the bonus meter.

    Symbols and Winning Combinations

    The set of sevens is the highest-paying symbol, and 31 or more gets you 777x. You can earn 125x for 31+ of the diamond symbol, and it's 100x for 31 and up of the green start. The top payouts for the bells and dice symbols are 75x and 50x, respectively.

    For the watermelon, grapes, oranges, lemons and cherries, the top payouts for 31 or more get you wins between 16x and 8x. All of the wins described here are multiples of your whole wager.

    Our Thoughts

    Tiki Fruits is pretty cool because it stands out as having a much different style of gameplay than most slots out there. Red Tiger Gaming has made sure that players are able to get paid with a whole lot of action and a title that looks great without being too overwhelming once you understand how all of the features work.