• Snow Wild And The 7 Features

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      Red Tiger Gaming
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      Video Slots
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    Red Tiger Gaming's video slot Snow Wild and the 7 Features is based on the story of Snow White and the seven dwarves that help her in her time of need. It has a punk rocker twist put on it, and that leads to a slightly different cast of characters. The graphics in this game are outstanding, and you'll find that a lot of care was taken to make sure every aspect of this title looks amazing. The gameplay is a lot of fun as well because of the feature-driven approach they've used here, and it goes without saying that this gameplay matches up with the motif of the slot as well.

    Format and Layout

    This game starts off with five reels, like most in the genre, and there are three rows of symbols across those reels. You'll have 20 paylines that are always activated, and the minimum cost per spin is $0.20, which is like having $0.01 coins on each of the paylines. The available bet sizes may vary depending on where you're playing, but the game is actually designed to be able to go up to $500 per spin. With that having been said, most sites will let you go up to somewhere in the $50 to $100 range with your wagers.

    The Lucky Wheel Feature

    You can be taken to the lucky wheel that has Snow Wild and the seven companions on it when you randomly are awarded the feature. There are actually eight ways to win here, and it starts with Snow Wild herself. If you get her on this wheel, then you'll be given three random features from the other seven that are available that will combine for some very serious winning chances.

    Boozy is the first of the bunch. He will turn random reels into completely wild reels with a special beer froth feature. Up next is Goldy, and he will shake a giant bucket full of gold coins up above the reels that gives you instant payouts. Dozy is sleeping on the job, and he snores to blow around the symbols on the game board to produce the best payouts available with that particular combination of symbols.

    Moving right along, we have Sneaky. This guy has a saw he's hiding behind his back, and he will cut out sections of the game board to let new symbols fall down into place to give you better payouts. Tickly comes along after that, and he has a cold and is sneezing all over the place. When he sneezes on the reels, he gives you a free re-spin, and he can do this over and over again at one time to give you tons of chances for extra prizes.

    Next we have Flash, who brings on the tumbling reels feature. Lighting will hit certain symbols on the reels, and that will blow them completely off the game board. The new symbols that fall in place of those that disappeared give you better opportunities to win. Finally, we have Crazy, and he will reach in from different directions to rearrange symbols on the reels to give you pays you would have missed otherwise.

    Payouts and Prizes

    You'll start out with 500x for five of a kind of the wild symbols, and that includes any wilds you get on the reels from the features. The bag of diamonds is worth 300x for five, and five of the mug of beer will get you 180x. The famous apple that Snow White took a bite from that threw her into a magical sleep gets you 120x when you line up five on an activated payline as well.

    Card rank symbols make up the remainder of the pay table. This starts with 72x for five of the red A, and it continues with 60x for five of the orange K. The green Q is worth 54x, and you can get 48x for five of a kind of the blue J. The gray 10 is the final symbol, and it'll pay out 36x for five.

    In Summary

    We see games built around old fairy tales like this sometimes, but the Snow Wild and the 7 Features slot really stands out as taking a theme, putting a unique twist on it and running with it. Red Tiger Gaming did an excellent job with this title along these lines, and with so many features, it's a very exciting time waiting to be had. The pay table is pretty balanced as well, and that lends itself to a fun experience as well.