• Red Diamond

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      Red Tiger Gaming
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      Video Slots
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    The classic slot format is something that a lot of players stay away from because of the reputation those titles have for being boring. The Red Diamond slot, available at Red Tiger Gaming casinos, takes players to task on this issue by pruning things down to just one line to minimize the amount of screen real estate available. This pushed them to think outside of the box to give players exciting gameplay, which they actually managed to pull off. This is a title that looks excellent as well, and it's the sort of thing that you don't really expect for a lot of reasons.

    Slot Layout

    The layout of this game is actually kind of ridiculous in one sense because it shows that Red Tiger Gaming doesn't care about what kind of boxes anyone would want to use to put their games in. They really went all-in on the classic slot format with three reels and just one payline. What's more is that this uses the traditional layout with symbols that don't have to land squarely on the line at all. You'll get multiples of your total bet size for prizes, and those bet sizes range from $0.20 to $500 apiece. Most casinos won't support the higher-end amounts, however, so you may end up with a maximum bet size of somewhere in the range of $100 instead.

    Blue Diamond Symbols

    The blue diamond is one of the most important symbols in the game. Three of a kind will give you 800x, which is an impressive win, but that's not the only reason it gets so much attention here. It's a wild symbol (one of a few in this game), and it also locks in place and triggers a re-spin of the other reels. This is a fun way of adding some excitement to the game since you only need one of them available to kick over into a re-spin.

    Emerald Diamond Symbols

    Kicking things up a notch is the emerald diamond, which comes in a deep, dark green. This works much like the blue diamond in the sense that it gives players 800x for three of a kind and is a wild. However, it also acts as a 2x multiplier to any non-wild payout it's a part of. It also activates the free re-spin like the blue one does.

    Red Diamond Symbols

    This is the one that the game is based on, and it's not hard to see why that's the case. In addition to all of the goodies that you get from the emerald diamond, the red diamond pays 1,500x for five of a kind. The multiplier for this wild symbol is also 3x instead of 2x. Note that any mixed combination of three mismatched diamond symbols will only award you with 800x.

    Other Payouts

    Just one wild won't get you a payout for a cherry, but a wild with a cherry will pay out for two cherries. One cherry is worth 1x, and two gets you 2x. Three of a kind kicks things up a bit to the 5x level.

    For the bar symbols, you can get 40x for three of the triple bar and 25x for three of the double bar. The single bar is worth 15x for three of a kind, and any set of three bar symbols that do not match will pay out 10x, which is a pretty reasonable win for mismatched symbols.

    The largest non-diamond win comes in for the lucky red symbol that's on fire. Three of a kind of this symbol is worth a payout of 80x.

    Keep in mind also that there are wild multipliers in this game, so these payouts can end up being multiplied by several times in a row. Multiple wild multipliers in the same combination can give you total multipliers of as much as 9x.

    In Summary

    We have to admire Red Tiger Gaming really going out of their way to make the Red Diamond single-payline classic slot something that players might actually want to enjoy for more than a few spins. The replay value is definitely there with the way all of the wild features come together, and we can't say that they didn't do about as much with the format that is humanly possible. We'd really like to see another top-tier provider try to out-perform them in this category, but that might be a lot of time put into something a lot of players won't try. If you're feeling adventurous, this is definitely one that you might like since it plays more like a video slot than you'd expect.