Mystery Reels

2.5 /5
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    Red Tiger Gaming
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    Video slots
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One of the approaches to building an online slot is to center it all around one feature or concept. That's exactly what the Mystery Reels slot, available at Red Tiger Gaming casinos, has done. It's all based around a mystery feature that makes it easier to win, and the rest of the game, from a graphical perspective, is done up to use a bit of a classic slot throwback type of motif. This title a video-style game in spite of that, through and through, but the graphics are done pretty well in spite of the overdone "throwback" concept.

Format and Layout

A pretty usual format is the foundation for the action in this game. There are five vertical reels and three horizontal rows of symbols, but you'll find that there are also 20 paylines across those reels that only pay from left to right. They do not allow you to change how many lines you're betting on, but they do put you in a position where you can manipulate your total bet size to vary between some pretty serious extremes. The minimum wager is a super-flexible $0.20 per turn, but the maximum the game is built for can actually go up to the $500 level. Most casinos will limit that down to $100 or so, but it's something to keep in mind.

The Mystery Symbol

The mystery symbol is really the focus of the majority of this slot, though it's not necessarily the source of the largest wins that you can get in the game as a whole. The way this works is that the mystery symbol can appear with a number on it, and that's the number of clones that it will give you. The clones can go out randomly in any direction (horizontally or vertically), which then turn those spots into mystery symbols as well. Once this process is complete, then the mystery symbols reveal themselves.

When they do this, what you'll find is that all of those mystery symbols all become a randomly chosen, matching symbol. The idea here is to make it easier to get wins for that particular symbol on that spin, and since it can include the bonus symbol that we're going to take a look at below, it can help you to get into the main bonus round as well.

Wheel Bonus Round

Most bonus rounds are pretty inaccessible for most sessions because they're usually set up to be fairly rare. You'll have to do something like match up three or more scatters or something along those lines under normal circumstances. In this game, the wheel bonus round is yours as long as you get at least one of the bonus wheel symbol on the reels, no matter where it appears. This means you can get between one and 15 symbols to trigger the feature, and that's important because of how the feature works.

You'll actually be given one spin on the wheel for each bonus symbol that comes up, so just one symbol will give you one spin, etc. You can get prizes on this wheel of up to 5,000x, which makes it the largest win available in the whole game.

Payouts and Important Wins

The lucky red seven is the top-paying symbol, which is what you'd expect from a game with this type of theme. A prize of 900x for five of a kind is the win for this one. You can also score 540x for five of the Liberty Bell or 360x for five of the watermelon symbol. The grapes get 310x for five, and five of the plum on an activated payline is worth 180x. Wins of 144x, 90x and 54x are yours for five of the orange, lemon or cherries as well. As you can clearly see, there are some good wins at the top of the pay table, but it's very balanced overall.

Our Thoughts

The thing to realize about the Mystery Reels slot is that it's all about one main feature in the regular gameplay, but the wheel bonus is really easy to get, so it takes up a substantial part of the value the game gives you as well. Red Tiger Gaming did a solid job with this game as far as it looking great and being based around a couple of solid features, even though it uses the throwback theme that seems beyond saturated to many players.

By Jesse Eddleman
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