• Lion Dance

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      Red Tiger Gaming
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      Video Slots
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    Lions are found in a variety of cultures from around the world, and each of them typically has their own type of back story and mythology. Chinese lions are no different, and they are the basis of the Lion Dance video slot, powered by Red Tiger Gaming. They are portrayed in this game with absolutely beautiful 3D graphics that are as good as anything that you'll find by any provider in the industry, and they help you to win by dancing and guiding you through four different game worlds for different types of ways to win.

    Game Layout

    This game uses a pretty standardized format with five reels, four rows and 40 paylines of symbols. This gives you more visual real estate than most titles, but it's not so large that it's difficult to keep up with what's going on with the actual gameplay. Red Tiger Gaming has simplified the betting to a very basic level as well, and that's something we can get behind since you only need to pick your total bet size from a list of values that starts at $0.20 per turn and that goes up to $500 per spin.

    The maximum bet available to you can vary from casino to casino, but what's really interesting here is that the minimum bet size is based on coins that are worth $0.005. This makes the game a bit more affordable to penny players, which is a very inclusive approach to take.

    Connected Tiles World

    Gameplay always takes place in one of four different worlds, and the world you're in determines the feature you'll have access to. You'll be taken into a new world based on random dances by the lion. In the connected tiles world, you'll have chances for a single-paying symbol to connect to other tiles to give you chances at bigger payouts. This gives you larger individual wins, but it also gives you more multi-line pays on each winning spin, on average.

    Mystery Symbols World

    When you get into the mystery symbols world, you'll start to see golden coins appear on the reels. These golden coins are the mystery symbol, and the way this works is that they will all spin to reveal the same paying symbol. That means that each spot that a coin covers will convert over into the same game symbol at the same time, which gives you clusters of matching spots. This clearly makes it easier to get better wins and pays.

    Deep Stacks World

    In the deep stacks world, gameplay is all about the stacked symbols. Only the best-paying symbols in the game appear on the reels at all, and they are all there in giant super-sized stacks. This changes the volatility a bit by giving you larger wins when you do hit, both because of the fact that only the highest-paying symbols are there and because you'll hit multi-line wins much easier. However, it's harder to hit wins because the first two reels not matching will completely kill any chance you've got of getting a payout.

    Mega Tiles World

    In the mega tiles world, the wild symbol and higher-paying symbols can appear as huge tiles as large as 4x4 that cover enormous parts of the reels. This makes it really easy to hit tremendous wins, and you have a chance for them to come in this way on every single spin.

    Free Spins Feature

    You have a random chance of picking up as many as 18 free spins at a time. These free spins will give you random features on each spin and then return you to the game world you were in when you triggered them.

    Top-Tier Symbols and Prizes

    Five of the wild symbol will pay you a win worth 888x as the largest individual win in the entire game, which is also the same win as five of the drums. Five of the golden symbols pays 188x, and you can earn 138x for five of the red lamps. The payouts for the card rank symbols range from 58x for five of the red A to 18x for five of the lavender 10.


    Red Tiger Gaming did a tremendous job on both the graphics and gameplay fronts for the Lion Dance video slot. It looks as good as any other game you could find by any software developer in the industry, and it has a style of play that's a lot of fun and quite a bit different from virtually all of the competition. No matter what particular types of games you tend to prefer, chances are that you'll enjoy this slot quite a bit.