• 100K Drop

    • 3.5/5 lcb.org
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      Red Tiger Gaming
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      Video Slots
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    With The £100k Drop, a game available at Red Tiger Gaming casinos, you're getting all of the action of the television show that has the same name. The game was actually made in tandem with the show based on a special agreement, so you're getting the real thing instead of just a title that uses similar themes. If you've ever wanted to be on a game show, then this may be the closest you get because the entire slot is designed from the ground up to have the same kind of atmosphere with chances to win some really solid prizes.

    Game Layout

    For a game like this, you need a format that's particularly solid. This is why they went with five vertical reels and three horizontal rows since that's the most straightforward layout that you can have. They also used 20 paylines that pay from left to right only, and you will not be able to change how many of these lines are active at any given time since it's always set to 20 total. You can, however, adjust your bet sizes, which run from $0.20 to $500 per spin. While this is a pretty wide range, high rollers should be advised that many casino sites may limit the maximum wager to a smaller size, and that'll usually be in the range of $100 per spin, which is still plenty high enough for virtually everyone.

    Wild Woman Symbols

    The woman is the wild symbol here as the hostess of the game. She'll appear on every one of the five reels to make it easier for you to get payouts on the game board that you would have missed out on without her. She's very helpful in this regard, but she's also helpful because she has some pretty significant payouts just by herself. Five of a kind of this woman on a payline earns a solid 500x prize, which is the largest you can get on a single line outside of the main bonus feature. Four of a kind gets you 180x, which still isn't bad, and you can pick up 30x for three of a kind as well.

    The £100k Drop Feature

    If you're drawn to this slot overall, then this feature is the centerpiece for you because it's where you get to play a bonus round that's similar to the game show this title is based on in the first place. If you get three of the bonus symbols on the reels all at the same time, then you'll be taken to a second screen for this feature.

    To start the game, you'll have 2,000x to work with. In the first round, there are four spots for you to place your money, and you have to divide it among those spots. When you're ready, trap doors will open in three of those spots to remove those winnings from play. The catch is that you can only put the money on three of the four doors maximum. The second round has you do the exact same thing. In the third round, you put the remaining money on a maximum of two out of three trap doors. In the final round, there are two trap doors, and you have to place your money on one of them.

    If you have any money left after this, then that's awarded to you as your winnings. If you lose all of the money, then you are given a consolation prize.

    Other Winning Combinations

    Five of a kind of the safe full of cash earns a very solid 300x prize. You can also pick up 200x for five of the briefcase on a payline, and five of a kind of the bundles of cash will get you 100x.

    The five card rank symbols are designed in the same font as the logo for the game show, so they fit in with the overall theme perfectly. The prizes for these range from 50x to 16x for five of a kind winning combinations.

    Our Thoughts

    We tend to really like titles like The £100k Drop by Red Tiger Gaming that are based on game shows. We think that there aren't all that many of them in the grand scheme of things, and when they're done well, they capture a lot of the excitement that got the show on television to begin with. The only major weakness of this title is that the smallest five of a kind wins are really on the low end of what players may think is acceptable, but other than that, it packs a lot of fun.