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    There are a lot of companies out there that make online slots that need special themes based on brands from popular movies, television, video games or comic books before they build out really tremendous games. The Flame slot, available at NextGen online casinos, does not suffer from this issue. You can see that they used a pretty simple theme and built it out with tremendous gameplay features and a fun pay table to help give players an awesome experience overall. This is a game that will appeal to a lot of different people because the features provide a level of action that anyone can get into.

    Slot Format

    There are some things that you need to pay attention to with the layout of this game because it's not completely straightforward. There are five reels and three rows, which is normal enough, and there are 20 paylines, which is also common. However, you'll be playing with 15 coins per spin instead, and that's something that you definitely don't see everyday. There are 13 different bet sizes to choose from, and they range from $0.15 at the lower end to $75 at the upper end. You will want to know your respective coin size, however, because that's what's used to determine the size of your payouts. For example, a 100x win with a $0.50 coin size gets you a payout of $50 in this game.

    Random Features

    Seven different mini features can be found in this game. They all have fire motifs that fit the theme of the title as a whole. With the Firestorm feature, you'll have all wild and bonus symbols count for each other as a "wild-bonus" symbol for better payouts and better chances at triggering free spins. The Wild Inferno feature will always have at least one wild on the reels, and you get a re-spin for each wild on the screen where all wilds are sticky, and new wilds give you extra re-spins.

    When the Spontaneous Combustion feature triggers, all of the lower-level fire, lightning, leaf and water symbols randomly turn into the same random symbol between the upper-level lion, wolf or eagle, and payouts are given after the transformation. Along similar lines, the Live Embers feature turns all of the card suit symbols on the middle three reels into wilds.

    With the Fire Whirl mini feature, you get flames randomly covering up to all five reels, and this gives you bonus payouts for any lion, wolf or eagle worth up to 20 times your total bet each. The Flare Up feature gives you a multiplier for that spin worth up to 10x, and the Cross Flare feature has wins pay in both directions (though scatter payouts still only pay once).

    Free Spins Bonus Round

    The scattered bonus symbol appears on the middle three reels only. When you get all three of them to show up at once, you're given 15 free spins. All of the mini features appear more often during these free turns, and you do have the ability to re-trigger the feature by getting three scatters, which will add 15 more free turns to your total.

    Symbol Set and Big Wins

    The woman with the purple hair is the wild symbol in this game. She appears on the middle three reels only, and she doesn't get her own payouts. She's an important part of the game, however, especially since she's heavily involved with so many of the mini features.

    The three animal symbols give the top-level wins. It's 750x for five of the lion symbol with a 250x payout for five of a kind of the wolf. Five of the eagle gets you 150x as well.

    Element symbols make up the mid-range pays. You can earn 50x for five of a kind of the fire, lightning, leaf or water symbol. Likewise, the four card suits get you 20x for five of a kind of any of them on a payline.

    In Summary

    What we really like about the Flame slot by NextGen is that they haven't relied on a big brand or special theme to make a solid game here. Instead, they gave it strong graphics with a pretty straightforward and honestly kind of generic theme, but they brought the experience to another level with a feature-rich gameplay style and a balanced overall pay table. This is the kind of thing that players can definitely get behind, and it's not difficult to imagine that this is a good example of the type of thing they do regularly with a lot of their games.

    By Jesse Eddleman