New Slots for 2005

This page is the base of the new slots which have come out during 2005, back to June, and you can see the new slot games listed through here which were reviewed as new back in 2005. We have played and studied most of the games when they were fresh to the net so we could pass the information on to you online gamers.

You can also find extra information about what was new in the online slots during this time, such as software casinos using Microgaming, RealTime Gaming (RTG), Slotland and others, and read how the slot games were played back then and probably still to this day.

Select from the list of the monthly new slot games for 2005, through the table below, which had come out on that peticular month for the 2005 year, also you will find short reviews on this year's new slot games.

New Slot Games Released in 2005 - From June 2005 thru December 2005

Past New Slot Games Released in 2012 and back into 2005

You will find on this new online slot games for 2005 page a list of each month for the the slot games that have come out during this time, as shown above. See the latest new slot games of today by going to our New Slots page, showing the latest in slot game additions to the internet and on this site.

You will notice two sets, or pages, on the new slots for July 2005; this was due to a large volume of new slot games being offered by online casinos during July 2005, as more and more slot games were being offered to online gamers.

To find that older slot game that you may have never seen before, browse through the months mentioned above through the new slots for 2005 pages.