• Bank Robbery

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      Multi Slot
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      Video Slots
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    Come to think of bank robbers, would you describe them as villains or heroes? One would say it depends on what they plan to do with the cash they grab.

    If you have ever wondered what it’s like to an outlaw for a day, Multi Slot has given you the chance. Taking a crime as a topic, they decided to simulate the action.

    Check out the icons, it looks like all the necessary ingredients for a mission are here. If you find this thematic intriguing, take time to see which one gets to be better- a criminal or a cop?

    Betting Options and Functions

    With 3 rows and 5 reels, you have 25 selectable lines for possible winnings.

    Coin value starts at 0.01 and it goes to 5.00.

     With “Autoplay” you can adjust up to 25 rounds without clicking all the time.

    Features Explained

    When it comes to robberies, a theme brilliantly used by Multi Slot in this release, you always have two main characters. The cop and the criminal, and here they are the icons that have the highest value. Along with them, you have a police car, a helicopter, a gun, and three icons from playing card deck.

    The officer’s badge represents the Wild and it can substitute all the icons excluding Scatter. Speaking of, this one is represented as a banknote. When three or more of these hot the reels, they bring you some additional rounds.

    And just when you begin to think that the action is warming up…

    …you find out that there are no more features to maintain the tension!

    Such a cold shower! When you take something actionable such as robbing a bank to be the topic, one would think that the final product will be packed with numerous unusual and twisting features. But this team didn’t use the opportunity to do so.

    It’s a shame, isn’t it?

    Our Take

    With the idea to be brutally honest as usual, we must say that if we are to judge whether this unlawful adventure was really worth it…

    …it wasn’t!

    If you check out aspect by aspect carefully, you will see there is really nothing particular here. Graphics and the overall design are no interesting at all, some would even say that the characters are slightly ugly.

    One would expect some actionable and dynamic melody to accompany the story, but there isn’t any. You can only hear some rather quiet sound effect such as helicopter roaring or police sirens wailing. And the features are nothing but basic, the ones we see practically everywhere.

    They have had the chance to make something that has countless twists and unpredictable moments, but they didn’t. Therefore, if you are still curious to see what’s inside, check it out, but…

    …do not expect TOO MUCH!

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