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multi_slot_software_g_and_cYou might already be thinking that MultiSlot is yet another company focused exclusively on developing slots. Not only does its name lead you to believe that way, but the fact that many newborn brands aim primarily on creating the most popular casino genre- the slots. Well, this time, the Slot in MultiSlot is rather misleading. We better focus on Multi, because this company successfully multitasks for over a decade!

The base of this iGaming brand is situated in the Isle of Man, the same place where they are licensed. Initially, in 2011, when they were starting to build their carrier, the MultiSlot team did actually concentrate only on designing online and land-based slots. Anyhow, over time their appetites grew, and step by step, MultiSlot started to expand in other casino-related operations. At this point, the company offers white-label solutions, back offices, social gaming, content development for both online and land-based casinos, and games on request.

Game Selection

multi_slot_slotsSnooping around MultiSlot’s gaming library was a pretty entertaining experience; a quite creative, modern, and diverse plethora of casino content! MultiSlot, as we said, loves to multitask, so inside their portfolio players can find few dozens of different types of games: slot machines, classical table games such as Roulette and Blackjack, powered with some less-mainstream editions such as Pai-Gow, Craps, so as Video Poker, with plenty of different variations.

Considering that slots are the most popular casino game category, we examined this subject more carefully. This is what you need to know about MultiSlot’s one-armed bandits...

  • Variety of themes: Plenty of available motifs, including animals, spooky themes, zombies, adventure slots, and many more.
  • Entertaining features: Large scale of themes is not the only positive thing about MultiSlot’s releases. A diverse set of features are a big plus, too. Exciting bonus rounds, progressive jackpots, casino spins, and other engaging features are applied to each game. To find a dull, boring game in the MultiSlot catalog would be a rather hard thing to do.
  • Great graphics: Sharp, neat, colorful, and lively. In short, this is what you can visually-wise expect from this company slots.

Mobile Gaming

The company is in step with the latest industry trends; it’s developing its content to fit into both Desktop and mobile casino frameworks. The games are completely flexible, easy to implement into mobile casino app platforms, current hit among gamblers, who are starting to appreciate more and more, day by day, the convenience of gambling on foot.


When we started our investigation about this company, honestly, we expected less. But, when we scratched its surface, we understood that MultiSlot is full of pleasant surprises! Each title they created delivers a very dynamic, engaging experience; interestingly, even table games, which don’t offer much free space for creativity, are somehow more interesting and lively than many rests we had the opportunity to test.

Additionally, the brand is pretty successful in other casino-related subjects, such as developing Back Office solutions, platforms that provide easy integration of products for online casinos.

Simply, whatever MultiSlot does, it does it well, with a lot of attention to detail, and we know good that those details make the difference.

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