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    Top Game
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    Video slots
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The one and three line versions of Fandango’s are set up as the Wild West in 3 reel slot games, and 6000 coins at stake, as the more wilds you get the better your pay becomes!

Play one payline or three paylines, no matter what you choose, be prepared to set ‘em up and shoot ‘em down. Fandango’s slots ride in on the Top Game software horse, so be prepared for a smooth, but quick gallop to endless entertainment.

Fandango’s - A 3 Reel 1 Payline Slot Machine.

In a one-horse town, Fandango’s slot with 3 reel one payline suits even the lonesomest cowboy.

Fandango's slot 1-line wagering version.

You’ll be able to choose the size of your bet and the amount of your multiplier (up to 3x), so you’ll have the freedom to bet as little as $0.05 or as much as $15.00 per spin.

Fandango's 1-line Wild.

You’ll want to aim for those sheriff badge Wilds, and with 3 on the line that's the 6000 coin jackpot! But I’m sure you’re not picky when it comes to winning, so here are the other symbols to look out for:

  • Fandango's 1 payline Crossed Pistols; these guns shoot to score--up to 600 coins if your guns are loaded properly. This symbol is the second highest payout.
  • Fandango's 1 payline Bullet Bars; these bullets behave like any other “bar” in slots these days. Try to get 3 of a kind, or an assortment of all three, to line up on that payline for maximum winnings.
  • Fandango's 1 payline Cowboy Hat; these cowboy hats are the generous type. Any time they hit the payline they’ll tip their hat and give you a little something for the road. Cowboy hats may be the lowest payout, but their popularity pays off, just one is like getting a free spin!

You don't have to be a rough rider to play this game, so spin the reels and have some fun with one payline Fandango's slots!

Fandango’s - A 3 Reel 3 Payline Slot Machine.

Ready, Aim...Fire! Now you have three times the ways to win with Fandango’s 3 Reel 3 Payline slots. Symbols are the same as with the one line version, but now the stakes are higher, with the same 6000 coin jackpot amount!

Fandango's 3-line Wild.

Your Fandango's slot game mission: to get as many of the sheriff badge Wilds to line up on the any of the three paylines (the bottom payline pays the highest). And if you can’t do that, there are plenty of other ways to win with the wild badge substituting for all symbols.

Fandango's slot 3-line wagering version.

Coin sizes range from $0.05 to $5, with 1 to 3 lines to choose from, and the bet ranges from $0.05 to $15.00. Your jackpots have expanded to 1000, 3000, and 6000, so get ready to hunker down and let the reels fly, partner.

The Fandango’s slot three-payline symbols:

  • Fandango's 3 payline Crossed Pistols; these guns bring up to 200 coins per line as the second highest paying symbol.
  • Fandango's 3 payline Bullet Bars; these bars made to look like bullets play like any bars do. Get 3 of a kind or variations of all three on the paylines to get a win.
  • Fandango's 3 payline Cowboy Hat; the most hits you will get come from these hats. Any time they lay on the payline they’ll tip you from 1 to 5 coins per line.

See your wild badges line up in the 3 reel versions of Fandango’s online slots.

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