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    Dice and Fire slots have 5 reels and 20 paylines with a 3-stage bonus round, wilds, a free spins feature, and scatters, as animated dice, cards and other symbols roll and flow down the reels!

    The Dice and Fire slot game is powered by dmx™ Games software and is played at Top Game online casinos. Its game play offers relaxing animation and can be soothing to the eyes.

    Dice and Fire online slots Wagering.

    Is adjustable by selecting the bet amount only, where wagers range from $0.20 to $100.00 per game when playing all twenty lines. Bets range from $0.01 to $5.00 per active pay line.

    Dice and Fire slot Pay Table.

    The game symbols mainly consist of dice symbols, thus part of the game’s name, but the only fire in the game is on the “Gamble” button and in the Gamble feature (because there has to be fire somewhere).

    The highest paying symbol in Dice and Fire slot is the Wild, which produces 5000 coins when five land on an active line (see photo above).

    The game also has an AutoPlay feature where you can play up to 1000 spins, hands free.

    Dice and Fire slots Wild symbol.

    The golden Buddha “Wild” symbol is the Wild in the game (obviously), and its main purpose is to substitute all other symbols, excluding bonus and scatter symbols. You get 5000 coins when five wilds land on a payline.

    Dice and Fire slot Scatter symbols.

    There are two scatters in the game, the Green Dragon “Bonus” symbol scatter, and the Red Coin “Scatter” symbol:

    • Three or more Green Dragon “Bonus” symbols activate the Wheel of Fortune bonus round.
    • Three or more Red Coin “Scatter” symbols activate the Free Spins feature.
    • Neither scatter has a payout. The bonus scatter is useful only on an active payline.

    While playing Dice and Fire, I got five bonus scatters on the screen and nothing happened. That was because they were not on an active pay line.

    So, be sure not to get upset when several bonus symbols appear and nothing happens. The bonus game will trigger when the scatters land properly.

    Dice and Fire slots Wheel of Fortune Bonus Round.

    This bonus feature is triggered by three or more Green Dragon “Bonus” symbols, starting from left-most reel to adjacent reels and on an active line.

    There are three stages in the bonus round. A wheel will appear with numbers around it, and to the left of it are six symbols, on what looks like a gear.

    Bonus Round Stage 1.

    • The Wheel has twenty-four numbers on it, in 5’s, from 5 to 25.
    • Pick 1 of 6 symbols to the left of the wheel to uncover a multiplier.
    • Three symbols have a 3x multiplier underneath, and three symbols have a 2x multiplier.
    • Spin the wheel and win from 10 to 50 points, and up to, 20 to 75 points.

    Bonus Round Stage 2.

    • After stage 1, the Wheel will have only 12 numbers, with four of the numbers X-ed out.
    • Pick 1 of 3 symbols to the left of the wheel to uncover a multiplier.
    • One symbol has a 15x multiplier under it, one a 10x multiplier, and one a 5x multiplier.
    • Spin the wheel and win: 375 or 450 points, 250 or 300 points, or 125 or 150 points, or nothing when an “X” appears.

    Bonus Round Stage 3.

    • If you win in stage 2, the Wheel will now have only two numbers; both are worth 50 points.
    • Pick 1 of 5 symbols to the left of the wheel to uncover a multiplier.
    • One symbol has a 40x multiplier under it, one a 35x multiplier, one a 30x multiplier, one a 25x multiplier, and one a 20x multiplier.
    • Spin the wheel and win: 2000 points, or 1750 points, or 1500 points, or 1250 points, or 1000 points, or no points when an “X” appears.

    The bonus round ends when the wheel lands on an “X” in stages 2 or 3. When the bonus ends; points awarded during the previous bonus round are tallied and then added to the game’s balance.

    Dice and Fire online slots Free Spins feature.

    The game’s free spins feature is triggered by three or more Red Coin “Scatter” symbols anywhere on the reels:

    • Twelve free spins are awarded upon activation.
    • When 5 scatters trigger free spins, a 10x multiplier is awarded.
    • When 4 scatters trigger free spins, a 5x multiplier is awarded.
    • When 3 scatters trigger free spins; a 3x multiplier is awarded.

    Multipliers are used on wins after the Dice and Fire slots Free Spins feature has ended.

    Play Dice and Fire online slots and let the dice roll… Good times roll!