• Crazy Pizza

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    Hot out of the Top Game oven, Crazy Pizza slot. You can have these slots to go, with 3 reels, 1 payline, wild symbols with that extra slice of goodness, and a jackpot worth up to 6000 coins!

    If you’re not hungry before you play Crazy Pizza slots, you’ll definitely be hungry afterward; especially with those steaming stacks of hot pizza wild slices just waiting to substitute any symbol landing on a payline.

    Crazy Pizza online slots wagering.

    Accepts $0.05 through $5.00 coin sizes, and you can bet as little as $.05 or as much as $15 as you play from one to three coins at a time.

    Payouts range from 3 to 6000 coins as the jackpot amount. Play is steady with low variance (I seem to hit the Sauce Splat pretty often).

    Crazy Pizza Symbols.

    • Pizza Slices are Wild; hot steamy slices substitute for any symbol. They also dish out the largest jackpot when they line up on the payline- a glorious 6000 coins.
    • Sodas; same deal here- you need to hit three in order to gulp down up to 600 coins.
    • 3 Cheesy Bar; it looks a bit like three slices of Swiss cheese, but it will pay 150 coins when you get three of them line up.
    • 2 Cheesy Bar; you need three, and you'll get 75 coins.
    • 1 Cheesy Bar; three "1 Bar" symbols on the payline gets you 30 coins.
    • Any Bar: Any bar will do. If you can put a combination of any bar up on the payline, you'll get an extra 9 coins in your pocket.
    • Sauce Splats; don't be afraid to get messy- these Sauce Splats are everywhere. You'll find one on the payline more often than not. The messier the better, though, if you line up one, two, or three, you'll clean up 3, 6, and 9 coins respectively.

    If you’re looking for the best pizza place in town, look no further than Crazy Pizza slots; where the deals are hot, the food is delicious, and you may get your money back in 30 minutes or less!


    Crazy pizza