WinADay Casino Celebrates $188K Jackpot Hit with Special Bonus


Another day, another jackpot hit at one of the world’s many online casinos. With so many available, it’s no wonder every now and then we hear news of yet another punter getting very lucky and walking away with a significant amount of cash.

This is exactly what happened to one Kelly S, who walked away with a pretty sweet $188,000 dollars after taking a spin at the WinADay online casino.

The game she was playing was Enchanted Gems from the manufacturer, Slotland, a title known for its zany design and progressive jackpots.

Kelly S. told a customer service rep at WinADay

“I’ve been waiting for this my whole life and it actually happened!”. “I won a holiday to Disneyland once, but that was so long ago I can’t remember it very well! Still, I guess I’m just kinda lucky.”

“This puts my savings through the roof, so I can get a house with a bigger kitchen and bigger yard,” she said. “I’m a chef and I love my job. But I’ve always dreamed of winning a huge jackpot and never working again. Now I don’t know -- maybe I’ll just take some vacation!”

 “When I lived in Atlantic City, I used to play the slot machines all the time. When I moved to a place where there aren’t any casinos, I started playing online at Winaday.”

Kelly also has advice for other players…

and it’s to always play the bonuses. “Even if you just make a small deposit you can get more for your money,” she concluded.

The online casino is known for its site-wide progressive jackpot that had a record-breaking hit of $329,861 earlier this year in January.

Michael Hilary, the casino manager at the venue, commented:

“The jackpot was getting pretty big again, so I had a feeling it was going to be won soon,”

“We’re so pleased that it was won by a player who’s played with us so much for so long!”

In celebration of Kelly’s win…

the casino has decided to give a bonus to all players playing the Enchanted Gems slot. It’s a 75% deposit bonus that can be claimed once every day from October 8th to 15th.

About the Online Venue

WinADay has been in the online casino business for more than ten years. They offer many premium games as well as penny slots, video poker, keno, and roulette. The venue welcomes players who wish to use cryptocurrency as it allows for deposits via Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.

By Nikola Djordjevic