Quickspin Achievements Engine Launched


One of the things that we have seen happening more and more over the past few years is the introduction of game-style achievements in slots. These are basically rewards that players can earn and collect by hitting certain milestones in games, and Quickspin has recently added a new feature to their game portfolio along these lines. They call it their Achievement Engine, and it's looking to be yet another way players can earn value.

How the Achievements Engine Works

Every time you earn an achievement in this system, you are given Quickspin Points, which are a virtual currency that can be used to trigger features in their games. While this amounts to free spins in most of their video slots, there are some titles that have other types of bonus rounds as well, so you'll want to choose wisely when changing them in. As far as the things you have to do to get achievements in this new program, it varies a bit.

For example, you might get an achievement for picking up two wilds on the screen at the same time, which is something fairly easy to get that will just eventually happen if you play enough rounds on the same game. However, some of them can also be more difficult, like hitting particular five-of-a-kind payouts. The idea is to provide all types of players opportunities to earn Quickspin Points through this program and to profit from cashing them in for free shots at bonus features in their slots.

The Innovation of Quickspin

While they do have deals with companies like Playtech and Microgaming to have their portfolio of titles shared with their respective platforms, the fact of the matter is that it's their high-quality content that drives players to their games in the first place. They have a very solid portfolio full of games that deliver on both gameplay and aesthetic values, and that's the key to getting a big following in the current state of the online casino industry. When you add this new Achievements Engine to the mix, it's clear that they are looking to get even more of the market, and it'll definitely be an asset for any casino site that offers their games.


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By Jesse Eddleman